Sunday, December 18, 2011

What we've learned about Laura so far:

- she can eat, a LOT. She prefers anything greasy, fried, and smothered in the word "American".

- she does NOT like broccoli.

- she loves shoes and is gathering up quite a collection. Her red sparkly flats from a sweet friend are her fave though.

- she can climb

- she can scare the crap out of her host mom by continuing to climb, higher than in that picture

- she thinks it's hilarious when Lucy pitches a fit

- she doesn't hate Heidi. But she doesn't love her either

- she loves anything girly: sparkles, jewelry, lip gloss, tiaras, and dresses

- she can polish off an ice cream cone pretty quick

- car rides are no longer scary and she is adjusting very well!

More to come, I promise. Laura is adjusting to us better than I am to having 3 kids and a house to care for. That being said, please close your eyes when you come to visit, as my house looks like I'm secretly hoarding about 18 children who whirl around like the Tazmanian Devil. I'm not, and they don't.

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