Sunday, December 11, 2011

Prayers for Inese

Please pray for little Inese, our 3 year old host girl.

I have been emailing back and forth the past week or so with the hosting coordinator and the social workers are very concerned with Inese's behavior and how she will handle this trip. She is extremely fearful of people, has serious trust and attachment issues, and frequently has outbursts of crying and screaming. They are worried about how she will act when she is here, in a new and stressful environment (at least for the first few days).

I can handle anything for a month (or that's what I'm telling myself). If I have to hold her and rock her alone in a room for a month then I'll do it. But I don't want her trust issues to be hurt further by this trip. Please pray that the Lord will calm her spirit, as only He can, and that His perfect plan for her life will begin to unfold. I am praying that we are a part of this plan, but only He knows that. I can't help but feel a connection to these girls already.

Laura is coming either way, which we are thrilled about. The current plan is to bring Inese to the airport and see how she reacts there. Hopefully she gets on the plane. If not, then that's what's supposed to happen and we are confident that God is in control.

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Molly said...

oh wow, thank you for sharing this. I have so many different emotions right now as I'm sure you do. We will definitely be praying. We're so looking forward to loving on these precious ones!