Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

Sunday evening we had an Easter egg hunt with friends and family, Lucy loved it so much and didn't want to leave!

The kiddos minus Lily (and the babies)

She loves posing for pictures

Buddies Lucy and Riley

Finding the eggs!

Showing me her eggs

It was a whole new ball game once she realized there was candy inside the eggs....

Marnie and baby Annie

Best friends eating together! They were so sweet at their little kid table

Bennett had to take a break from all the girls. Too much estrogen.

So excited for the bunny cake!

We had a blast!

Friday, April 22, 2011


Last week when my mom was here we decided to give Annie her first bath. I have to admit I haven't been as good about bathing her as I was Lucy :) Just not a priority at this point. Plus, how dirty can a baby get anyway?

She just kind of grunted and squirmed the whole time, she never really cried

And of course big sister Lucy was right in the middle of the action to "help".

Overall Annie is much more laid back than Lucy was as a newborn. She still has a stubborn streak in her, as we have learned this week since we started sleep training :) It's been very difficult but I know will pay off quickly, and these few weeks of crying and scheduling and training will turn into months and years of good sleep habits. We are so grateful for this sweet blessing, she really is such a good baby. I'm so anxious for her to get big enough to play and interact with Lucy, but I'm trying not to wish away these first few months. They are the hardest but also the sweetest.

Poor Annie definitely will have the second child syndrome bc already I've noticed a dramatic decrease in the amount of pictures I've taken of her :) I'll try to do better!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Every time Lucy goes to the bathroom by herself, she comes out looking like this.....

Friday, April 15, 2011

Around the House...

Sorry for the pic delay! Here's what we've been up to this week....

Lucy is definitely warming up to being a big sister

She was bouncing her :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Gabby's Birthday

For some reason our computer has decided to stop recognizing our camera so I don't have any new pics of Annie...I'll try again soon I promise.

The evening before Annie was born we went to celebrate Gabby's birthday. Lucy and Gabby are big buddies and really love playing with each other. Lucy gets so excited whenever I tell her Gabby is coming to play. At the party, Lucy got to ride a pony for the first time ever! She LOVES animals, and loves being outside, so it was pretty much the best party ever.

meeting Precious for the first time

She loved petting them

Riding Thunder with Daddy. She loved the ponies so much that she has named the ends of our couch Precious and Thunder, and switches off riding them :)

Thunder was her favorite.

Birthday Girl Gabby!

Best Buds

Friday, April 8, 2011

Home Sweet Home

We're home! We actually got home Wednesday evening. We definitely debated staying at the hospital another day, but with Lucy being away from us this time around, it made us all the more eager to be at home. Everything has been going great since we got home. Lucy has definitely begun to warm up to Annie (although still not very interested) and Mommy is doing very well. Be praying for a quick recovery and transition back into routine for Janna...I think we both forgot how difficult the c-section recovery really was.

I posted a few pictures of us since we've been home, and the video is of Annie on the way home from the hospital. It is definitely her in a nutshell. She's been extremely calm and, for the most part, easy, since we've been home. VERY different from our first time around with Lucy. Lucy was inconsolable at times and did NOT want to sleep...EVER. But Annie has been fairly manageable, probably due to the fact that Janna and I are pros at this point (sarcasm of course).

Lucy holding Annie for the first time...supervised of course!

Lucy and Annie again, and Lucy's forced smile.

Lucy and Annie again...definitely my favorite.

Heidi meeting Annie for the first time. She did great, of course.

Mommy and sweet Annie.

She looks like me...right?

Monday, April 4, 2011

Annie Videos

Here are some videos I promised. I'm not sure how great these are but this is what I have right now. I'll try and post more later. Check out the last post for some additional pictures.

Mommy holding Annie for the first time.

Lucy meeting Annie for the first time...didn't go exactly like we thought, but she'll warm up.

Annie Faith

Annie Faith is here! She was born this morning, 4/4/2011, at 8:58 am. I'm having some issues getting videos uploaded, but once I do I'll get some posted to the blog. For now, though, I put up a few pictures.

Since this morning, Janna and I have just been enjoying our little miracle. I can't believe she's here, it's still a bit surreal to me. She was 7 pounds 3 ounces and a little over 20 inches long. She's amazing and we're in love with her already!

Right after she came out...just getting cleaned off.

When we had Lucy, they wheeled her out of the room immediately after they pulled her out. Janna didn't get to see her for about an hour after the c-section. This time around with Annie, we all 3 stayed together the whole time. It was a much more pleasant experience and made Janna feel much better about having to have a c-section. This is a picture of Janna holding her for the first time in recovery.

Marnie and baby Annie

Uncle Jake. Lucy LOVES her uncle Jake and we know Annie will too!

Big Daddy showing Annie to Lucy. Lucy didn't exactly do great with the first meeting. She initially was excited, but as soon as she got in the room and close to mommy (plugged up to her IV and other equipment) she got a little freaked out. We know she'll warm up soon, but it was definitely difficult for her.

Sweet Annie!

I'll post some videos as soon as I can get them uploaded.

Friday, April 1, 2011


"I have decided, I have resolved, to wait upon You Lord."

This song played as Mark and I drove to my LAST appointment yesterday. I kind of laughed and said, "well this is appropriate".

The good news is, we got a great report, baby looks great on ultrasound and everything is progressing normally so they are going to let me go to 41 weeks. Unfortunately, if she doesn't come on her own by then, then I'll have to have a c section Monday morning. I really wanted to avoid a c section, but at this point we've done everything we can and I'm trusting that if that's the way it happens it's because the Lord is protecting us from something else. He is in control and through this whole pregnancy we have prayed for His will and His sovereignty. I truly believe He has His hand on me and this baby, and so whatever happens is for the best. It's frustrating to think I've made it this far and may still end up with a c section after ALL THIS WAITING, (because if I had scheduled one instead of attempting a VBAC she would be here already!!) but it's also nice to know that there is an end in sight and no matter what we get to meet our little miracle on Monday morning! That gets me excited....

Keep us in your prayers. As Mark keeps reminding me, we still have all weekend, and anything could happen!