Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ballet and iphone dump

Hey remember when I used to blog? That was fun.

Sorry I'm slacking, but I have no energy lately. When the girls sleep, I sleep...or atleast I'm trying to sleep. And when they're awake, well, there's no blogging time :)

Lucy started ballet a few weeks ago. Since she's not in preschool it's nice to have something to do to get out of the house one morning a week, and she loves it and asked to do ballet instead of gymnastics this year. Although, after watching the Olympics, I'm not sure that was a wise choice :)

Here she is on her first day: (with little munchkin in the background)

We did a mommy and me ballet class when she was 2 and it was all over the place. This one is much more structured. They crack me up on their little mats....

Other than ballet, and waiting on this new baby girl to get here, not much going on around these parts. The girls are getting so sweet and have really started to play together nonstop. But with playing together comes fights, and Annie hit Lucy in the face for the first time today. Can't say I blame her....I knew the day would come when Annie would decide to fight back. Ahhh sisterly love.

Here are some random pics from my phone of the sweet sisters.

Munchkin stole Lucy's purse....

So sweet sleeping

Playing in the sprinkler on a hot day...this day ended with bug bites ALL over...I think a fire ant got Lucy's stomach because they were really bad for a few days. Where did the bugs come from? I feel like we haven't had bugs all summer but this past month has been awful.

A moment of playing sweetly together under the tree. They love being outside.

Another sweet moment...I asked Lucy to wake Annie up from her nap. A few minutes later I went into Annie's room and found them like this. Lucy had climbed into Annie's crib with a book for both of them to read. They can be so sweet sometimes! Both my girls LOVE books and usually "book" is the first word out of Annie's mouth every morning as she reaches for her bookshelf from her crib.

That's all I've got for now! I'm hoping to get another Annie post up soon, I feel like she's changed so much in the past 2 months or so...also have some craft projects I want to blog about, and need to take some pictures of the girls' rooms before I merge them together! (and hopefully an after picture if I can get the room to look how I want on a budget of ZERO dollars)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My big 4 year old

I can't believe I have a 4 year old. Sometimes I look at Lucy and I hardly recognize her because she is so big. This was a big year for her. I look at pictures of her turning 3 and she looks like a baby. This year she blossomed into a beautiful little girl with a kind heart and a spunky attitude. 

Lucy's highlights from this year:

Revealing her own sense of style

Sharing her home, toys, family, and Christmas with an orphan

Becoming a gymnast

Rejoicing in a whole year of being a big sister

Being a princess

Discovering a love for the beach

Getting her ears pierced

Celebrating her 4th birthday at Monkey Joe's

Sometimes I think she has more personality than I know how to handle. The Lord has humbled me and taught me so much in the 4 short years I have been blessed to raise this girl. Every day I strive to discipline and instruct her for His glory, and every day I wonder how badly I'm screwing her up :) But every day I am filled with joy at the little moments with her, at the small glimpses of truly how beautiful she is becoming. My heart overflows with love, more than I ever thought it could.

Sweet Lucy Laine, you are fearfully and wonderfully made, and greatly loved!

(It's just about impossible to get a picture of Lucy alone these days. Her little shadow is never far behind)

Monday, August 6, 2012

Laura Update

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
Jeremiah 29:11

Laura and Inese are being hosted this summer by a family in North Georgia. I have spoken with the family several times over the phone, had countless emails regarding Laura, and pretty much convinced her that she MUST host these girls this summer! They are a wonderful family, and although Inese had a very difficult time at first, they are both doing great now.

Families all over the nation host with Project 143, so we were so grateful that Laura ended up with someone in Georgia so we could go see her! She has grown so much and just looked beautiful. We had a great visit with her, Lucy and Laura ran off immediately and started playing as if they were best buds. Inese was very attached to her host mom but very sweet and gave me a big hug before we left (which was huge....because she doesn't usually do that...) Laura was, of course, sweet and affectionate too.

We have been praying earnestly for these girls ever since we had to put Laura back on that plane. I knew the Lord wasn't calling us to adopt them, but I also knew our role wasn't finished and that He had a future and a hope for them beyond what an orphanage in Latvia could offer. We had several families interested in them while they were here, and the family hosting them now has had several families interested as well.

I am so thrilled, humbled, and thankful to say that a family in Florida has started the adoption process to adopt Laura and Inese!! Adoption is a huge black pit of unknowns, as we have learned with the little exposure to it we have had, so of course nothing is certain, but this family is committed 100% to these girls, and if all goes as planned then they should begin their first trip to Latvia in November! As hosting rules require, the girls don't know they are being adopted yet, and I'm not sure when they will know. Please pray for this entire process, that it goes smoothly, that the girls transition well, and that this family's needs will be met.

If you want to help financially towards their adoption please let me know. We will be trying to raise money to help out the family and I will probably be doing at least one fundraiser at some point.

Thank you for everyone's support when we hosted Laura. We are so thankful we were able to be a small part in these girls' journey to find a family and pray that the Lord continues His faithfulness towards them and finishes the work He began.

Praise God!