Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I cannot believe my baby is five. I feel like a legit parent now. I mean sure....babies are hard and have their own challenges and after you have a baby you can be all "I'm a parent now"...but a five year old? I mean, that's a KID. I'm a parent of an actual KID.

Is anyone else blown away by this? Just me? Ok.

Mark was out of town for work on Lucy's actual birthday, and we hadn't moved into our new house yet so her birthday was spent at my mom's house. I feel bad because it was such a transitional time for us and her birthday just happened to fall right in the middle. Being the happy, energetic five year old she is though, she didn't notice anything was amiss and enjoyed the day like any five year old girl would.

I started off the day with our tradition of balloons upon wakening, and a special birthday breakfast.

She opened her presents from Mark and I, and just spent the day playing with her new things and the balloons. It's amazing to me that parents spend so much time and money on crazy birthday parties that end up stressing out the kid and the parent anyway, when really, the kids just want a day devoted to them. I made sure Lucy knew the day was ALL about her, and though it was simple, she loved it and so did I.

She chose Partner's Pizza for her birthday dinner, complete with grandparents, great grandparents, aunts and uncles, a tiara, and of course a cookie cake. Where would my life be without cookie cakes?

This year has been a big one for Lucy. She became a big sister again. I have watched her blossom into a beautiful, bright little girl. We've moved houses, we've made new friends, and in a few weeks she will be starting kindergarten.

I know all parents say this about their oldest girl, but Lucy really is an amazing big sister.

While she does tend to play the little mother at times, she has a very nurturing spirit and is a natural with babies. I can already see what a wonderful mother she will become one day. She is calm and patient with her sisters, much more patient than she is with me :)

After we moved into the new house, I invited some of Lucy's friends over for some cupcakes. Nothing big, just a playdate with bonus cupcakes. It was nice to have her spend some "birthday"time with her friends. (notice Noelle curled up in Lucy's lap)

Lucy is very smart, and very literal. All her friends kept telling her "happy birthday Lucy!" and she would say, "well, it's not my birthday anymore. But thank you". 

At five years old, she loves princesses, horses and playing dress up. She loves arts and crafts and as soon as the babies go down for their nap she asks me if she can paint. (I make her wait until they nap because as you can imagine, Annie and paint DO NOT MIX)

She goes through about 6 outfits a day. She loves dance and drama. She sings all. the. time.

She challenges me and humbles me daily. She is a little me....and yet so different and very much her own person. I've said before that she cannot be explained in words. Atleast not in my words.

Lucy is spunky, feminine, opinionated, energetic, dramatic, compassionate, and a natural leader. She is our referee. And she has my heart.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Love in black and white

Friday, July 19, 2013

Yes we are alive....

I feel like we are on an undercover mission to hideout and have no contact with the outside world. Except the world that is the Peachtree City bubble. That world is okay. 

We are officially homeless. We rented out our house and our tenants have moved in. We decided to rent out our house instead of sell it....which was a good decision. It rented in 4 days. We never expected it to rent so we were a little unprepared. We had a week to move out (technically we had 2 weeks....but the first of those weeks was spent in Hilton Head. We have priorities people...) Since we didn't have a house to move into that quickly we have been house hopping and living with family. It's been fun....but I'm ready to have my own space and home again.

This week we have been with mark's parents, living it up and soaking in the Peachtree City lifestyle. This basically means daily golf cart rides, TCBY, and living in our swimsuits. Awesomeness. 

Meanwhile, all the moving and house hopping has somehow caused Stella to get even fatter. Or maybe it's the fact that she's 9 months old and STILL REFUSES TO MOVE.

Fine with me. I love fat, lazy, happy babies. I would have 10 more babies if they were all just like Stella. But they wouldn't be. They would all be like Annie. And then I would have to invest in padded, sound-proof rooms. 

Mark has to go out of town for work on Sunday......for 2 weeks!!!! What am I going to do for 2 weeks??? Go bug my mom and whine to her everyday about how my husband is gone and I have three kids to take care of. Bet she's super psyched about us coming to live with her. 

When Mark gets back from his work trip we will move into our new house! Hallelujah and praise be to Jesus for all things holy!

I'm a little excited. 

Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy 4th!

Despite the rain and gloomy weather, we had great 4th of July. Usually we go to the parade and fireworks in Peachtree City but they were canceled due to the weather, so Instead we had a relaxing and laid back day. Mark had a rare day off work, we ate a LOT of food, took a nap, and spent time with family.

We ate lunch and went for a swim at Mark's parents house. 

The water was freeeeezing and Annie could not stop shivering! Lucy jumped off the diving board for the first time without a float or anything....she has turned into such a good little swimmer this summer. 

Back at my mom's house for naps, dinner, some really old and questionable fireworks, and a Pinterest inspired dessert.

Annie is always up for a photo op...

This is what our dessert was supposed to look like....

And this is how it turned out....mine are on the top. My mom's are on the bottom. Pinterest fail

They still tasted yummy!