Monday, June 24, 2013

Beach Teaser

We went to Hilton Head this past week with the whole Campbell side of the family (except Tim, we missed you!). Picture 12 people in a 3 bedroom condo, 5 of them kids. It was chaotic even in the best moments.

Despite the chaos and the cramped quarters, We. Had. A. Freaking. Blast.

Seriously. I was already pressuring everyone into a trip next year. Mark and I had to sleep with all three kids in the same room with us. Two of them in the bed with us. If you know anything about me, you know I'm not into that whole co-sleeping thing. I know plenty of people are fine with the whole "family bed" concept and everyone turns out alright and kids eventually grow up and move out of the bed. We are not those people.

I say all that so you understand that all three kids in the room with us for a week, is a big deal to us. We are used to our privacy, used to not being kicked 1200 times in the middle of the night, and used to not having to whisper and get ready for bed in the dark.

However, if it meant another week at the beach with this crew, I would do it again in a heartbeat. I would get slapped across the face and end up with multiple children on top of me at 2 am for another week. (those of you whose kids sleep with you probably want to punch me right now)

Since we're MOVING.....(that's a whole nother post) I don't have time to upload and edit all the pics from my camera. I promise I'll get to it soon. I do have some from my phone so they aren't the best quality (since I don't have that hot new iphone 5). I honestly didn't take that many pictures anyway because we were so busy having fun and hanging out.

Our dvd player broke half way through the trip down. Thank you Jesus for Leapfrog entertainment.

First night there, we went down to South Beach and ate at Salty Dog. I'm pretty sure its a requirement to eat at The Salty Dog if you're in Hilton Head. They have live music in the evenings and Lucy waited about 0.5 seconds before she started dancing in front of the stage.

Family dinner was crazy but fun! The little ones were so patient.

The beach at Hilton Head isn't like the Gulf....its not as white and powdery and the water isn't as clear so I didn't know if Lucy would love it or not. Apparently she's not as much of a beach snob as I am because she loved every second.

Later that day...tuckered out from all the wave chasing

Stella with me at the pool one day. She's so fat I thought maybe she would make me look skinnier.

All the cousins! These kids love each other so much. I can't believe they didn't fight at all while we were there (aside from the usual sibling stuff). I swear we didn't coordinate these outfits but it turned out to be perfect for a photo night.

More pics to come!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

You know that feeling when you think you might pass out from exhaustion?

Yeah, that's me lately. 

I have been SO tired. Mainly because we have been SO busy. Why is May always so crazy? Our kids aren't even doing all the end of school year business and somehow it's still insane. Not to mention just general life with three little ones will straight wear you out. In the evenings after the girls are in bed Mark and I look at each other and say, is it like, midnight?? (it's not by the way....just feels like that)

Due to all the sleepiness, I've missed a few special events here on the blog. Let's recap.

May 27.....Our 7th Anniversary!! I can't believe we've been married for 7 years. One day I'll tell our love story here on the blog...but not day when I have time and energy and am not suckling an infant or chasing a 2 year old or fighting with a 4 year old. So, yeah....not today.

Mark and I have never been into big romantic gestures. Give us a date night out and we are happy. So for our anniversary we went out, just the two of us, to one of our local faves. It was lovely and happy and giggly and fun and everything an anniversary date should be. 

June 2 and 8th - Mark and I both turned 29. Eeeek. One more year til 30. I'm kinda freaked out, I'm not gonna lie. We squeezed in another date night to celebrate our birthdays.

June 9th- Lucy's first ballet recital

This was so much fun and brought back insane girl-hood memories for me. I took ballet and gymnastics growing up, and though I ended up following the athletic route and playing sports as I got older, I do have fond memories of my dancing years. I did Lucy's hair and make up (thanks to my mom for doing my hair and make up all those years!) and can I just say, MY recital costumes were not this cute.....

She. Had. A. Blast. The girl is a performer....what else can I say. She most definitely did NOT get that from me. That is allllllllll Mark's side of the family. (Name any play or musical, I guarantee Mark OR one of his sisters starred in it.) That's a little known fact about Mark. He has some drama in his genes.

On the way home from the recital, Lucy said "I wish I could do my recital over and over and over and over. I had SO much fun." She seriously loved it. The flowers helped.

June 11 - This sweet munchkin turned 8 months old!

Really can't say enough good things about this chunk. She is so lovey and affectionate. She is also a fattie. But perfectly fat. Just enough to make it impossible to stop squeezing her.

She is showing no signs of moving anywhere fast...which is fine with me. She loves to sit on a blanket and play with toys. She is getting better at eating baby food, though most of the time she just wants to grab what's on my plate. She is still breastfeeding great. 

Her first two bottom teeth are just starting to poke through. She's pretty much a do my own thing in my own time kinda girl. Lazy, fat, and Oh So Happy.

Little bathing suit factoid for ya: All three girls have worn this swimsuit. One of the few things that all three girls have been able to wear. (Having three girls in three different seasons all three different sizes isn't very convenient when it comes to hand me downs.)  It's a cheapo target brand one that turned out to be adorable on and actually held up really well. It's a size 18 months (though it runs small). Lucy wore it when she was about 10 months. Annie wore it at 15 months. And now 8 months.




My pillow is calling me....

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Just because

These two make me laugh....

I think they're gonna be best buds one day.