Monday, December 26, 2011

Quick update

We've been SO busy!! I promise to have a Christmas post soon, but there are too many pictures to go through right now, so I'll just update on what we did before we were bombarded with toys, clothes, and an endless supply of MESS at our house :)

Laura continues to do wonderfully, and I am still amazed at how well she has adjusted. She wants to be a part of whatever we are doing, and has just flowed so well into our family. I don't know how we will ever let her go! I am praying that the Lord has a family for her and Inese here. I pray His will for their lives is to be adopted into a loving, Christ-centered family. And I usually throw in a little "p.s. please make it someone we know so we can hang out with Laura forever!"

On to the photo roll.....

Annie getting attacked by Campbell (actually they play really sweet together)

Hanging out with cousins!

Making blueberry muffins one morning

Our refrigerator is covered in Laura's art work. She is constantly drawing, coloring, or painting.

She has opened up a lot this past week and is even playing with Annie now :)

Lucy teaching her some gymnastic moves

We made a gingerbread house with some friends

I think there was more eating than decorating going on....

The only child with an attention span longer than 20 minutes stayed to finish the project

Decorating Christmas cookies at my mom's house

Whew, what a week! Back soon with Christmas pics!

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