Monday, October 14, 2013

Stella is one!

We are all in denial about this. It just can't be true. It seems like only yesterday we were seeing this face for the first time.

But it wasn't yesterday. It was ONE whole year ago!! Stella's first year has truly been a joy. Maybe that's why it went by so fast. 

This girl keeps us smiling and giggling with her sweet ways. She is such a love muffin.

For such a laid back little lady, she has a load of personality. Her faces are to die for.

Stella is still SUCH a mama's girl. She is fully weaned now and I expected her to not want me so much after she finished breastfeeding....but that hasn't changed...and I'm loving that she loves me so much.

She is crawling and pulling up and somewhat cruising now too. I still don't expect her to walk anytime soon and am certainly not anxious for her to because she is mobile enough to keep me busy.

She is a very good eater and loves her food. She gets excited when she sees food coming. Bread is her weakness (join the club). I have to save her bread for last otherwise she won't eat anything else! She has a lot of teeth now, 8 I think with two more coming in, so there isn't much she can't eat.

She is waving bye bye now and signing "all done". That's about all the signing I've done with her. She still says da-da every time I try to get her to say mama.

Stella is only one size behind Annie in clothes. She is definitely chubbier than Annie but much shorter. I have loved watching their relationship blossom now that Lucy is in school. I think they are gonna be best buds. When Lucy is around Stella gets left out a lot and plays by herself very well. She also spends a lot of time on my hip.

She still doesn't have any hair...just some brown fuzz. Her complexion and features remind me so much of Lucy. But everyone says something different about who she looks like....some say me, some say Lucy, some say Annie. Poor Mark. No one says she looks like him.

She loves her sleep. She loves sucking her fingers. She loves her sisters. Lucy makes her laugh the hardest and we all crack up laughing when we hear her sweet giggle.

Apparently she also loves cupcakes.

Every time I look at Stella, I can't help but think...

What if we stopped after Annie and only had two kids?
What if we didn't trust the Lord to provide and bless us with another child?

We would have missed this face. This joy. This love. I am so thankful for God's blessing and provision. For Him pressing on our hearts. For His plan for our family and for this baby girl.

Stella Jean you are such a blessing and an answer to prayer. We adore you. Happy Birthday sweet girl!

Friday, October 11, 2013


Which one of these babies just turned ONE??