Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving and a little update

It has been a LONG and fun-filled couple of weeks. I'm just gonna sum it up for you real quick. 
  • We went down to Jackonsvile, FL to see Mark's cousin, Emily, get married. The weekend was so busy and went by so quickly I didn't get a chance to take any pictures. When we got home I was too anxious to wait for Thanksgiving to pass, so I decorated the house for Christmas! We were supposed to go get our tree today, but it rained all day and no one wants a wet tree, especially the cleaning lady (that would be ME). 
  • For those of you who don't know, Mark has been working at Longhorn waiting tables for the past year as a supplement to his other job so that I can stay home with Lucy (what a hubby I have). Now that he has started the book business, this next week will be his last week/weekend at Longhorn! Hooray! Its been difficult for all of this past month since he's been working from home during the day, then working most nights at Longhorn. It has been a blessing to have this job, but we are so happy to see it come to an end. Praise God for his continuous provision.
  • We spent a few days over Thanksgiving with Mark's side of the family over in PTC. Jim, Molly, James, (and Clem) came into town, and it was fun to spend time with the whole family. We even had a date night with all the couples (including Meredith and her BF Tim) and left the kids with the grandparents. James really had fun pointing, kissing, and patting Lucy, and we all look forward to the next few months when James and Lucy can really interact more with each other. Enjoy the pictures!

Mark serenading Lucy already

Naked! I can't help it, its too cute.

James reminiscing about the times when he could actually FIT in a Bumbo seat. Don't worry, his was blue.

Meredith and Molly with Lucy and James. I love my sisters!

Heidi and buds.

James loved all the new toys Lucy brought with her.

Marnie playing with Lucy on Thanksgiving Day

Marnie with her grandbabies!

Going for a walk in my new BOB. I love it!

It got cold on the walk so Lucy got to try out her new hat. Too cute.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Nothing New

Just wanted to share a few pictures from this past week. Lucy gets camera-stalked all day. I feel sorry for our second child already.

As always, hands in the mouth

This one's for Emily!

Snuggling with daddy on a Saturday morning

Her 3 month picture with the fake Heidi

 She used to yawn when she got tired, now it's turned to fussiness and thumb sucking. Time for a nap!

Monday, November 10, 2008

So, we had a little scare...

I guess we were due to have a scary accident happen. The whole night is a little blurry to me, so to make a long story short, Saturday night Lucy choked and stopped breathing. After she turned purple, I realized maybe I should help her to start breathing again so I picked her up and gave some back blows. After about 3 or 4 blows she started crying (and breathing!) again. Scared me to death. I called the Pediatrician (after Mark insisted) and they thought it would be best if Lucy got checked out immediately in the Emergency Room just to make sure she was ok and didn't have any fluid in her lungs. We headed to Fayette Hospital, and Mark, every-ready with the iphone, managed to take a few pics:

In the hospital room...they called us back really quick

Getting weighed....that's 13.9 lbs for those of you who can't convert grams to pounds

um...what am I doing here...I'm fine!

Her hospital bracelet; of course I saved it :)

So, turns out, Lucy checked out fine. No fluid in her lungs, and other than being a "gas machine" as the ER doctor put it, she's perfectly healthy. They still don't completely know what caused the incident, but attributed part of it to reflux. We were instructed to watch her very closely that night and to call 911 if it happened again and come by ambulance. Naturally, I got ZERO sleep Saturday night because I was up checking on her every 5 minutes. Strangely, Mark slept great. It's amazing what that boy can sleep through. So far Lucy is great, and has been catching up on her sleep since she only got about 6 hours of sleep Saturday night due to our midnight ER visit. Here are some pictures around the house from the past week:

Lately, when Mark bends down to kiss her she accidently grabs his glasses. This time they landed perfectly

And then she decided to eat them

Propped up watching tv

Thursday, November 6, 2008


"Kiss your dollars goodbye; all you have now is change."

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween and 3 months old

I know you're all dying to see Lucy in her Halloween costume, so if you actually read this I'll be shocked. Lucy turned 3 months on Halloween. We went over to my dad's house for Halloween night, and sat out on the front lawn with a bonfire and all the dogs around us. They loved running up to the trick or treaters, and surprisingly, none of the kids were even phased by three big dogs running up to them. We had a great time sitting out by the fire talking and eating candy :)

Time is flying and I can't believe what a beautiful and happy baby girl we have. I swear she gets easier and happier every day. She certainly isn't deterring me from wanting more kids because if they are all like her I'll want ten. (Mark is fainting as I type this...)

Life in the Campbell household is going great. Heidi and Lucy are starting to pay more attention to each other, and Lucy just closes her eyes and smiles when Heidi gives her big licks on the face. Mark is still working well from home, though we had an internet outage for a few days and I thought he was going to go crazy. It's up and running again now and we're all thankful for that :) We made a fire for the first time last night and it made our house feel so cozy! If you missed the video of Lucy laughing, make sure you go to the previous blog post and watch it, cuz its precious. Here's some recent pics from Halloween and hanging around the house:

playing on her new activity mat...she loves this thing

being sweet, as usual

Ride em cowboy! She's still a little small for the Bumbo, but its too cute to resist.

She wore a pumpkin onesie during the day on Halloween, and then had a full pumpkin outift for that night. She is always smiling, and its finally easy to capture it on camera.

Once we put the hat on the smiling stopped. I think she found the red light on the camera and became mesmerized.

This is her pumpkin outfit! Don't you love the little green sprig on top?

My dad said she was the "fattest pumpkin I've ever seen"

Don't you just wanna eat her?!

Watching the Georgia game with daddy. I had to remove her later because of all the yelling. It was not a good night for the bulldogs.