Wednesday, December 21, 2011


We took Laura and Lucy to the aquarium yesterday. Lucy woke up with a fever, but Mark had already taken the day off, and being the fabulous nurse that I am, I just dosed Lucy up with some Motrin and I took my child to the aquarium anyway! Don't tell anyone....

It's funny because whenever we get in the car to go anywhere, Laura has no clue what she's in for. We might be going to Target, or to get ice cream, or to go eat, or, in yesterday's case, she might hit the jackpot and wind up at an aquarium! She had a blast and it was so fun to see the look on her face at every exhibit.

Neither of them wanted to touch the rays or the sharks...Mark and I helped ourselves and the girls watched :)

Once I showed Laura that she could touch the glass, she wanted to lean up and touch every glass in the place!

Sweet girls :)

I think her favorite was the huge tank...I think it's in the Ocean Explorer?

I love the otters!

My favorite picture

More otters. I also got an adorable video of them playing with the penguins that I'll post later

We also saw the Dolphin Tales show, and it was amazing. Very different, but we all enjoyed it and it was worth it. By that time Lucy's motrin had started to wear off so she missed most of the dolphin show, and wiped out on the way home...

What a fun day! I hope Laura had fun...she seemed like she did. They both took long naps when we got home!

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kim said...

Lucy's smile is so sweet in the picture of them sitting. Laura must be having a blast with all the fun at Target and the aquarium.