Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Some rainy day fun....

Monday, July 23, 2012

Lack of an update

This is a lack of an update...really because nothing out of the ordinary has been going on. Out of town family is back home, we have no lessons or activities to go to, and for the most part we are finally settling into a lazy summer routine. Too bad summer is almost over :(

I have been miserably dizzy and tired lately. I took my blood pressure at work on Saturday and it was 90/60. Hmmm...probably why I'm feeling so terrible. I tend to run low blood pressure when I'm pregnant anyway, but I don't think I've ever seen it that low. 12 more weeks to go....I hate to complain because we really are just so thankful to be blessed with another baby, but this pregnancy really has been the worst ever, and probably the most physically and emotionally challenging thing I've ever had to go through. She better be a good baby. Just kidding.

I haven't really taken any pictures lately since we haven't done much...but here are two to get you to the next update.

Family pic at La Parilla before the Sias fam had to head back home. I swear I'm not that big...for some reason I look hugely pregnant in this picture.

Mark took Lucy on a date a few nights go so Annie and I got to hang out for the evening. It was nasty and rainy and she kept running back and forth from the kitchen to the front door windows to watch the rain. I love her little crossed feet :)

So that's all I've got for now. Pretty boring, I know. But I'm thankful for the peace and calm.

Thursday, July 12, 2012


I can't believe I haven't posted these yet, but Lucy got her ears pierced for her birthday (I know her birthday isn't for a few more weeks but she has literally been begging since she turned 2, so last Sunday Mark and I caved and took her. Atleast it was her birthday month...)

I told her it was going to hurt, so she knew this ahead of time. 



After the after:

Aren't they cute?? But can we say DRAMA??! She's pretty tough so I'm surprised she cried that much. After the initial shock of it wore off she was fine and she absolutely loves them now.

We spent most of the week with our favorite cousins. Mostly we swam, played, and ate. And ate some more. We so enjoy spending time with family. The kids turned into little fishies with all the swimming. I can't believe how far Lucy has come this summer.

Babies lounging in the pool...

Here's a video of Lucy jumping off the diving board by herself. She later jumped in without the noodle, but I made her use the noodle since I wasn't in the pool with her. She's gotten so brave!

And just because she's so stinkin sweet...

This summer is flying by! Lucy's 4th birthday is right around the corner, and we are only 13 weeks away from meeting our third baby girl. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? P.S. we still need a crib, and need to completely move Annie into Lucy's room. If anyone has the energy to do those things for me I'll reward you with....well....a pat on the back. And maybe a yummy dinner if I'm not puking that day and am able to cook. Any takers?? No???

Thursday, July 5, 2012

July 4th

Blog Fail again on my part. I can't seem to keep up.

In the past few weeks, the girls have finished swim lessons, we had pictures taken of the four of us (mainly the girls since poor Annie has zero pictures in our entire house), our favorite (ok....our only) cousins came to visit, and I'm growing bigger by the minute, wondering how I'm going to last through this 100 degree summer. Oh, did I mention our AC went out for a few days? Yeah that was awesome. It's going to have to be replaced, which wasn't in the budget for this summer, but is just one more reminder that no matter how much we think we are in control, we're not.

We had a fantastic 4th of July this year, celebrating how we always do, in Peachtree City with family. I stinkin love this holiday and I'm really not sure why. It's crowded, hot, humid, and we're all exhausted by the end....but we keep coming back for more :)

James and Lucy at the parade....we left the babies at home again this year to nap. I'm glad we did because it was hot and I'm sure I would have had to hold Annie the entire time, which would have just doubled my already-doubled body heat.

James super excited waving to the firemen.

After the parade we went back to The Campbell's for swimming, lunch, naps, and dinner.
Sweet babies eating across from each other.

Thunderstorms? Lightning? Intense rain? No problem. We're still gonna go to the fireworks. No question. Fortunately the storms stopped just in time for us to finish dinner and head to the golf course for our fireworks stakeout.

Cursing my Nikon for the blurriness.....

Our mandatory annual family photo. Please ignore the frizz on Lucy and I. It was crazy hot and humid.

Lilly and Lucy. So glad the Barnard kids could come join us!

The sparklers were a huge hit!

Happy 4th! We are home recovering/sleeping today....well, kids are sleeping. I'm blogging to avoid folding laundry.