Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Just call me Martha...

Martha Stewart, that is. Mark and I have really been trying to make our yard look nicer lately. It's taken a LOT of effort, but we both love being outside and a little sweat never hurt anyone! The people who lived here before us had created a little area for a garden in the backyard, but it was never tended to so it got seriously out of control. I decide that I wanted to try and grow some vegetables and work more in the garden. My Grammie and Grandpa had the most beautiful garden in their backyard when I was younger. It was HUGE. You name it, they grew it. It's times like this I wish I could call and ask her for advice :) Well Grammie, I hope you're looking down on me and smiling because I've started my own garden! Mark has helped me with the initial ground work, but the rest is up to me! 

These are before pictures....keep in mind, this is actually after all the initial debris was cleared and giant asparagus stems were cut down (they were seriously about 5 feet tall)

LOTS of weeds had to be pulled by hand, and Mark had to hoe the ground up and the soil had to all be replaced. 

Lucy and Heidi just sat back and watched :) Must be nice.

Aaaaannnndd.......AFTER!! I only pictured the peppers and tomatoes. I've also got zucchini and asparagus growing but the zucchini I started from seeds so you can't see them yet!

My little garden!

These are Better Boy Tomato plants

Sweet Bell Peppers. I'm trying two different varieties.

Cherry Tomatoes.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Well it's not crawling, but it counts

Monday, April 20, 2009

Past pics

These pictures were all taken before Easter but we've been so busy lately I haven't had time to post them until, well, apparently 10:30 on a Monday night. Mark isn't going to Birmingham this week so we're trying to soak up as much of him as we can before he heads back into his busy schedule. Here are a few random pics from the past month or so:

Playdate with Aunt Kalan. Lucy really enjoyed her bracelets.

I love this one!

Right after the biggest meldown EVER. All because Mommy tried to pick a booger out of Lucy's nose.

My little buddy.

Trying to crawl. She is seriously like days away from crawling...we're anticipating.

Cousin James giving Lucy a kiss. He LOVES her.

post-kiss grin

James learning to share.

They were so fun to watch! It's like they were never apart...they really love each other.

Here's a video of me and Lucy. I actually did this for about 10 minutes before I finally went and got the camera to record it. She laughs so hard it sounds like she's crying! Love that girl.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


We had a very busy, but very fabulous Easter this year. My sis-in-law and nephew are in town for the whole week, so we spent pretty much all day on Easter over at The Campbell's house. It was fun to see Lucy and James play together. It's obnoxious the amount of pictures I'm about to post, but I couldn't get enough of Lucy in her sweet dress. Hope everyone had a very happy and blessed Easter!

Before church, in her chair.

With Daddy in her room, right after a major meltdown about the bow

Haha she ate her shoes the whole way to church


I swear we didn't mean to coordinate their outfits, but it worked out great for the pictures!

I just wanna eat her!

Sweet kiss

Mommy and Lucy

After church (and a very yummy brunch) we let the kids finger paint eggs in the driveway. It really turned into Lucy painting herself while James ran around in the yard.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

An Easter Kiss

Monday, April 6, 2009

It's all about the playdates...

Mark is out of town again for a few days so Lucy and I got out in the cold and wind to go play with Leslie and Riley. Lucy and Riley are only 2 months apart and I think they're going to be good friends!

Checkin each other out on their tummies

Riley liked Lucy's phone

"Did you just touch my phone?"

"Ok fine, we can share"

"What's your head feel like?"

"See Riley, this is how you clap"

"Umm....are you gonna hug me?"

"Let me see that hand"

"Yep, tastes just like mine does"