Wednesday, December 7, 2011

8 months and some randoms...

Annie is 8 months old, our host girls arrive in LESS THAN A WEEK, and life is getting busier and busier as Christmas approaches! Whew its been quite a crazy month preparing for everything coming up in our already hectic lives. We are so blessed and grateful though.

I don't think a sweeter baby exists....she is just the most cuddly, lovable little thing and I can't get enough of her.

trying to crawl away :)

At 8 months:
- is FINALLY on a straight 4 hour schedule. I didn't know if it was ever going to happen, but it did. In her own, sweet little time :)
- wears size 3 diapers, size 9 mo, 12 mo, or 6-12 mo clothes
- has grey blue eyes
- has two teeth and knows how to use them. She's a biter, people.
- Annie is SO ticklish....its the cutest thing
- she is on the move!!!

- her crawl is hilarious. Lucy's crawl was ALL arms, no legs. Annie's is a little arms, a little legs, and a LOT of booty. She gets to where she needs to pretty quickly. She is so happy that she can crawl around and move on her own. She's content to play by herself on the floor all day, as long as she can see me or Lucy

gettin into her toy bin

- still prefers mommy over anyone else (and really, can you blame her?)
- has had a few finger foods: puffs, scrambled eggs, and avocado; she loves feeding herself and often thinks she can eat things that she can't :)
- is giving kisses. Sweet, open mouth, drooly kisses :)

- is learning a few signs to help with highchair manners. When I make her do the sign she thinks its funny. Which is just ONE more difference between her and Lucy because when I was teaching Lucy signs she would fight me and scream. Annie just laughs.
- her favorite book is Good Night Moon. She grins as soon as I open it
- is sitting up in the bath now with big sister

Sweet Annie Faith :)

In other news, we pick our host girls up from the airport next Tuesday night! Praise the Lord, our hosting fees were covered at the VERY last minute by lots of generous donations. We are so grateful to all of you. We are still in desperate need of clothes and shoes for the 6 year old. If you have any then please email me, we would also love grocery gift cards or Target/Walmart gift cards for food, clothing, and gifts for while they are here. We have been blown away by people's generosity and it has really challenged us to give more willingly of our time, resources, and money.

And just because I think Lucy is hilarious, I have to share what she said to me today. I asked her if she would help me put up some Christmas lights. Her response was, "Sure! Anything for the family!"

Geez...there is way too much personality in this house.

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