Saturday, January 31, 2009

6 months

Lucy is 6 months old today. It's bittersweet. Since the day we brought her home from the hospital, I have always said that when she turns 6 months I'll have a break down because I don't want her to grow up. So far, I haven't. I think it's because I lOVE this age so much. She's very interactive, has tons of personality, but isn't mobile so I can still plop her down in the middle of a room and walk away and not worry about her. She makes us laugh every single day without meaning to, and continues to be the perfect mixture of stubborn and sweet. Happy 6 months sweetheart, we love you!


Cutest. Baby. Ever.

Aunt Kalan came over to play

Heidi wishing she was allowed in Lucy's room

Love this one

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sitting Sitting Sitting!

After a few days of practice, she's become a regular sitting pro...


aaaand down. She gave me this look like, aren't you going to help me?

In her highchair like a big girl

and apparently she sleeps on her stomach now too

Friday, January 23, 2009

Since You've Been Gone...

This post is for Daddy! Mark left for Birmingham Thursday for another week long trip. I think this trip will be easier since I know what to expect and exactly how long he'll be gone. Its only been one night though, so we'll see. Here are some pictures from before he left:

Mark practicing giving infant back blows in case of a choking incident. Next I'm going to teach him infant CPR.

Mark and his female clone

And since he's been gone...

We took a trip to go see my cousin Allie and her sweet baby girl, Abbie. She's so tiny!

Mimi and Lucy playing over at Allie's

Playing with her two favorite cell phone and pill pack. Sad.

Sleepy face smirk

Watching TV and practicing her sitting skills. Mark left Thursday morning, and that night Lucy decided to sit up on her own for a good 10-15 seconds. I snapped a picture with my cell phone and emailed it to him, but I haven't gotten one on the camera yet

Saturday, January 17, 2009

We're moving to Florida...

No, we're not really moving to Florida, but its very tempting considering the weather here. I do NOT do cold. I hate the cold. I won't leave the house, literally. I don't know how people up north do it. Coweta County considered not having school yesterday because it was TOO cold. No sleet, no ice, no snow, it was just too cold.

Anyway, sorry about the lack of pictures lately. Our camera has decided to turn off after only taking 3 pictures and demand to be charged again. Mark has been back and forth from Birmingham this month and we're all ready for it to be over. The business is doing well though and Mark is loving it, so Lucy and I are supportive. Here's a few stats/info on Lucy:

  • She has started solid food and so far eats oatmeal, peas, sweet potatoes, carrots, and prunes. However prunes did not sit well with her so we've stopped those. Sweet potatoes are definitely her favorite, but she'll pretty much eat anything.
  • She is SO close to sitting on her own. So close, in fact, that I think most people would say that she is sitting on her own, but I don't consider her to be perfect at it so I'm not claiming it yet.
  • She is rolling over both ways now, tummy to back and back to tummy. About a week ago I went to get her from her nap and she was laying on her stomach sucking her thumb! She has since shown me her new trick during her playtime too. Because of this, we have decided to.....
  • Stop Swaddling! I figured if she was rolling over in her sleep she didn't need to be swaddled, and also didn't want her getting tangled up, so we stopped swaddling cold turkey the other day expecting a few days of crying during naps, but she didn't protest one bit. We tested it out last night as well and she did perfect. So glad the swaddle is gone.
  • She is almost out of 6 month clothing...that's right, she's not even 6 months yet and is already too big for it. It's mainly a length issue, but either way we'll be moving up in sizes fairly soon
  • She grabs EVERYTHING.
  • She is quite the babbler. She puts consonants and vowels together now, and does a lot of "dadadada" and "gagaga" and "yayaya". Mark of course claims she's calling for him when she lets out a "dada" but I'm not putting it in the baby book quite yet :)

Lucy and Daddy. She is really favoring him these days

Trying to get the camera

Lucy, Daddy, and Heidi playing in the hallway. Not really sure why they chose this spot to plop down, but I thought it was funny so I snapped a pic

Going for the camera again

Chewing instead of reading her book

"hey, where did my book go?"

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Abigayle Kate Holloman

Congrats to my cousin Allie and her husband Brandon on their new baby girl, born this morning weighing 7 lbs 4 oz and 20 inches long! She's beautiful, and I'll have some pictures up of her and the proud parents soon. I'm so proud of you Allie, you're already a natural at being a mommy :)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

I know its not Christmas anymore...

I'm a little late on the Campbell Family Christmas pics. I just got back from Indiana last night, and Mark left for Birmingham this morning. Its been a crazy month, and I'm looking forward to some down time with just me and my girls for the next 2 weeks! (we'll of course miss Daddy though). Hope everyone had a safe and happy new year.

James and Heidi are BFF

"Christmas" morning. We look a little rough...

Lucy with Pop pop Christmas morning. He wears this robe every year!

I don't think Jim was thrilled about the ribbon on James' head, but we thought it was cute

Lucy's 5 month picture with fake Heidi

She is SO close to sitting up!

Reading one of her new books she got for Christmas