Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Part 1: Christmas Eve

There are an overwhelming number of pictures from all the Christmas events so I'm splitting up the posts into parts (I'm stealing your idea, Kim). The good thing about this is that I won't skimp on the pictures. The bad part is, I probably won't ever end up posting parts 2 and 3.....but I'm gonna try!!

We spent our entire Christmas Eve with the Campbell Clan, and we had a blast. I'm so glad my kids have cousins close in age (in Annie's case...EXTREMELY close!) It's so fun to watch them play together, even if its been months since they saw each other last, they pick up right where they left off. I have cousins like that, who I only see once or twice a year but I love them like they are siblings, and I'm so happy that my girls have a family like that too!

Get ready for the picture overload

Sweet babies checkin each other out. Annie and Campbell are only a month apart! They are just about the same size...but we are learning they are VERY different in personality. I think they'll love each other though :)

The Three Musketeers getting into trouble...throwing goo on Marnie's wall (shhh...don't tell)

My energetic, always smiling nephew, James

Calm, patient Laura

Sweet, funny Lucy

Three peas in a pod...Laura fit right into Lucy and James' little club

This boy loves him some Lucy

Waiting for food

Moms and babes

Our fam (this year atleast :) This will be our Christmas/New Years card pic I think. (Yes I realize I'm about a month late on that....cut me some slack)

Sweet girls

All the kiddos

The whole Campbell Clan

Sorry for the lack of pictures of Tim and guys will make the photo roll when you have kids :) Just kidding, we love ya'll!

Mark getting punched in the face by James with the present we got him. Wise choice.

Aunt Meredith helping Laura with her Cinderella crown

Could they be any sweeter?

Cinderella gowns from Marnie!!

It was a busy, but fulfilling and wonderful Christmas Eve! Part 2 to come....maybe....if I get around to it before it's entirely too late to still be posting about Christmas....


Chris and Abby said...

Love love LOVE thee picture of Lucy by herself... so darling!! Laura seems to fit right in! All the kiddos are precious!

kim said...

Lol it's ok you stole my idea. I was just thinking today if I was going to finish posting my other two parts. :) Looks like Christmas was fun and I love the pictures of Laura. She seems so relaxed and happy.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! LOVE how comfortable Laura seems... she looks so happy!! What a cool adventure/ memory for your family that you'll never forget!!

Jacquelyn said...

oops.. that last comment was from me.. i forgot to write me name!

Molly said...

These turned out great and I love all of your commentary! Once we upload our pics and I see what we're working with, I may steal some of yours if I like them better. However I see our chamber music didn't make the cut. Ha!