Sunday, March 29, 2009

I'm Officially a Coupon Mom

I have been transformed. is my new best friend. Basically, they tell you what items are on sale at what store, AND what coupons are still good from the Sunday paper for that item, AND which Sunday paper the coupon was in. It teaches you patience! Usually when I get a coupon for something I need, I get so excited and run out and buy the product right away. But if you WAIT until the item goes on SALE, you get the sale price, plus the coupon discount, making a lot of items super cheap, some even free!! Am I making any sense? Seriously, check out the site, it's amazing. I'm finding too that it doesn't always pay to go to Wal-Mart for everything (like I usually do). Sometimes the item is cheaper that week at Kroger or Publix because of the coupon and the sale price. (and oh how I LOVE my Publix). I highly recommend trying it!

I wasn't going to post any pictures, but I can't stand it! My sweet baby girl is too cute...

Lucy and Lilly. BFF.

Lilly is sitting up so good! She would topple over after sitting for a while and crack up laughing. She thought it was hilarious.

Playing outside, her favorite.

She keeps pulling her bumper down and then falling asleep on it. Maybe she wants a pillow?

Independent playtime in her playpen. She pulled every single one of those toys out of that bin on her own.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

March Madness

Lucy is "helping" me update the blog today so its gonna be short and sweet...

I was going through Lucy's old clothes the other day (it's insane the piles of clothes this child has already gone through, not even including the ones we are currently loaning out to friends...) and I came across her preemie stuff! I can't believe she used to fit in those tiny onesies!

After a messy dinner of spaghetti, blueberries, and green baby food mush

Hmm....any food under here?

This is her attempt to crawl pose. She doesn't try to crawl at ALL from her stomach, but when she's sitting up she'll get down like this and kind of rock until she either face plants or gives up and sits straight up again.

Sweet baby Abbie

Checking each other out

After taking a VERY large bite of bagel

So yummy!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Life with a 7 month old

I LOVE this age. Lucy is so much fun. I've said that a million times, but she really is. She becomes more interactive every day, and it seems like a new skill is learned almost every day too. There are tons of pictures b/c I haven't posted in a while, and here are some things she's doing at 7 months:

  • Says "dada" a LOT. We're still unsure if she has associated the word with her Daddy
  • I SWEAR she attempts to say "Heidi". It comes out more like "Hey duh" or "Hee duh". Its comforting that she tries to say the dog's name before Mommy's.
  • She tries to pull up on everything, but is usually unsuccessful without mommy's help
  • She prefers to eat whatever we are eating, and is on a nice breakfast, lunch, and dinner schedule, which makes feeding her and eating at the same time really easy
  • Her favorite toy is Heidi. Fortunately Heidi is very tolerant and lets Lucy do whatever she wants to her poor ears, face, and tail.
  • She's back to sleeping until 8am every morning. (thank you time change!)
  • We're working on playtime alone (independent playtime for you babywisers...) and she's up to 20 minutes in her pack n play without ANY whining. (this is a big accomplishment since we started with 10 minutes of all out screaming)
  • She is very social, but is starting to show her shy side whenever people come talk to her, especially people she knows. She usually buries her head on my shoulder, and after a few minutes warms up and starts smiling and talking to them. For some reason she warms up immediately to complete strangers.
  • There is no silence in our house. Except during naptime. She talks or laughs constantly.
  • Her favorite place to be is outside on a blanket.
  • She understands the word "no", but chooses to test it anyway. She definitely has mommy's strong personality. It's amazing how quickly their little personalities come out.

She's almost mastered the sippy cup. Sometimes she still tries to suck out of it while it's turned upside down.

Just another fun day at Wal-Mart

Celebrating Aunt Mer's birthday

Standing while holding on to her music table

Check out that stance

Love that sweet face.

Her 7 month picture. She can't hold still for one second.


I love this one of her outside. She's wearing the new dress Grandpa Michael got for her.

Trying to pull up on the tub. That's a no!

She claps whenever someone says, "yay!"

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Too Cute

Sunday, March 1, 2009


This crazy Georgia weather! Atleast Lucy got to experience her first snow...

Getting ready to go outside

All bundled up!

In front of our house. Unfortunately the snow was VERY muddy because of all the rain we've had lately so we didn't attempt a snowman.

Heidi having the time of her life. The only thing this dog loves as much as swimming is playing in the snow.

Daddy feeding her snow. I don't want to know were it came from....

Mark picked a bad day to park outside

Here's a video of Lucy waiting to go outside. She does this thing with her hands whenever she gets excited (or mad). Usually she gets her feet going too but I don't think you can see that in this video