Wednesday, December 17, 2014


We still have Cora. She's around. You probably wouldn't know it because she ceases to be in any pictures I post. Mainly because she is either sleeping or being held by me, the picture taker.

Proof that our munchkin is growing and thriving and getting fatter by the day....

She is chatty and smiley. She loves her hands (what baby doesn't?) and loves to be held (also, what baby doesn't?). She certainly has her own little personality and is a nice mix of laid back and high maintenance. Which is how things seem to go around here.

Laid Back Qualities:

  • tolerates her sisters hugging, squeezing, squishing, kissing, and holding her
  • content to go anywhere and be dragged along with the rest of the family
  • flexible with her schedule and sleeping
  • can sleep in a pack n play, crib, carseat, or rocker.
  • sits and watches whatever is going on contently in her bouncy seat
  • happy happy and quick to smile

 any guess on which two babies these are?

High Maintenance Qualities:

  • wants to be held, mainly by mama. Occasionally content being held by Lucy if she must be
  • doesn't like to be left without her mama
  • won't take a bottle consistently, or really at all. Again with the mama wanting.
  • doesn't like to be alone, or in a room that is silent. Prefers yelling, sister fighting sounds, or music to be in the background. And someone must be visible at all times
  • strangely enough, is startled by certain loud noises. Obviously children screaming or dogs barking do not fall into this "loud noise" category.
  • still has to be swaddled

Unique Cora Qualities:

  • obsessed with water and taking a bath. Seriously loves it more than anything
  • coos and talks and smiles to anyone who will listen
  • knows peoples voices and has strange preferences over certain people
  • has a little vein in between her eyes just like Lucy and Stella
  • seems to have fairer skin and hair like Annie
  • reminds me the most of Annie as a baby, but people tell me she looks just like Stella

We just adore Cora. While there is no doubt that life with four is difficult and challenging.....I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm so glad the Lord planned our family this way and that He chose Cora to be our fourth. She has fit into this family so perfectly, and as I always say with each child that is added, we can't remember life before her.

p.s. she is actually 4 months old now but I haven't taken her 4 month old picture yet
p.s.s. the picture of the two babies is Stella and Cora. Stella on the left and Cora on the right.