Saturday, February 13, 2010

So I guess snow is okay...

Yesterday we got snow. Like real, white, actual snow. Not the muddy slushy gross stuff Georgia usually gets. Usually I'm not a big fan of winter, cold, ice, and anything that involves putting on a coat. But I must say, this snow was absolutely beautiful. I actually enjoyed going out and playing in it, making a snowman ("mo mo"), and throwing snowballs at my husband (by the way, my snowball aim is WAY better than his). Here are a few pictures from last night...I didn't take very many because it was still snowing pretty hard and I didn't want to mess up my beautiful camera :)

Heidi's huge bear claw next to my shoe.

Here are pictures from the next morning. It's gorgeous! I actually wouldn't mind waking up to this every now and long as it goes away after a few days :)

Heidi LOVES the snow. She was bred in Iowa, and I think her Iowa roots come out when it gets cold.

Our house this morning