Saturday, August 30, 2008

More pics and updates

I can't really wrap my head around the fact that I've been a father for almost a month now. It has been an overwhelming but joyous experience that gets better with each passing day. Not a whole lot to update everyone on here as of right now. Janna went to her 4-week check-up this past Thursday and the doctor gave her the okay to start being active again. She is extremely relieved to get to go out on her own without being required to have me drive her around. Lucy is still doing great, of course. She is sleeping great at night, only waking up once to feed, and during the day she has been soothing herself to sleep for her naps about 75% of the time. I hope you can tell by the pictures, but she is definitely still growing and fattening up. I am still searching for a permanent position somewhere and appreciate everyone's prayers for me in that area. I have a couple of things in the works right now but I'm trying not to get my hopes up as I have been let down numerous times thus far. However, the Lord has provided for and met all of our needs, and even though it may be stressful to be out of work, we are truly blessed. Here are some updated pictures, I hope you enjoy them.

We took Lucy on her first walk the other day and this was also her first
encounter with the Bjorn. I think she likes it

This is Lucy in the "Chick" outfit that Preston and Denby got her

Becoming a pro at holding her head up

So she's been sleeping in her crib the last week or so and its been working out quite well. Except that, every once in a while, we'll find her in this position. By the way, when we laid her down she was completely swaddled and in the middle of the crib. She's pretty good at moving around.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

3 Weeks Old

Well I suppose it's about time that I put up some new pictures on the blog. No new news to report on this week, but Janna is healing very well and Lucy is growing like crazy. I'm not sure if any of these pictures really capture it, but she has definitely started to fatten up in her arms and legs, and her face (Lucy that is, not Janna). Janna goes back to the doctor next Thursday in order to get the okay on being active again. It has been killing her that she can't get out and do things on her own so she is anxious to hear what the doctor will have to say.

Despite her new sleep schedule (which she is responding beautifully to by the way) we still give in every once in a while and just let her fall asleep like this. Its too good to resist.

Uncle Jake

"Tummy Time"

She's finally starting to fit into some of her cuter outfits. This one we got from our good friends Jonathan and Meredith.

Four Generations

Lucy loves her new swing...Heidi is not so sure yet

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Week 2

I've been receiving many requests lately for picture updates on the blog. Apparently I was wrong in thinking that I needed an "event" in order to update the blog. So this will be the last time I wait for an event of any kind to put up new pictures, you have my word.

We celebrated an early first birthday for my nephew James (hansom blonde pictured below) at my parents house this past Friday night. It was also the first time that James and Lucy met, and as you can tell they LOVE each other.

I also added some pictures of Lucy below to give everyone an update on how she's doing. She's definitely changing day to day and, although you may not notice, she is definitely beginning to gain some weight, especially in her face. Baby and mom are both doing great. Janna looks beautiful and its almost impossible to tell that she just had a baby less than 2 weeks ago! Lucy is doing wonderfully with her sleeping and eating schedule. It's a little difficult to get her to go to sleep sometimes, but once we do she's been sleeping for 4 and even 5 hours at a time at night. Enjoy the pictures, I'll definitely be putting some more up soon. Tomorrow we're having newborn pictures of Lucy taken so we'll let everyone see those as soon as we have them.

(Left to Right) My brother in law Jim, sister Molly, nephew James, daughter Lucy, me, and Janna at James' party

I Think it's safe to say that James enjoyed his first birthday party.

She loves this


Believe it or not she's been raising her head on her own like this since day one, she's going to be strong no doubt. I'm not sure how neck strength can directly effect your golf swing but I'm sure its good.

Mom's chest is a little more comfortable than Daddy's. Notice how peaceful she looks here with Janna and on my chest she's trying to escape.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

1 week old!

Alright, if it seems like we're getting a little obsessed with all these blog posts it's probably cuz we are. We just want to make sure everyone gets to share in the obsession. Just wanted to add a few pictures that we've taken over the last few days. I'll be posting again soon because we're going to Lucy's first cousins 1st birthday tomorrow night and I'm sure we'll have some great pictures.
These are all kinda random and just to give everyone an update on how Lucy is looking/doing.

she did not like her vitamin

Mom and baby. Aren't they gorgeous? I can't believe how blessed I am

One of my favorite pictures

Janna got the idea from someone to take a picture of your baby each month for the first year in front of the same stuffed animal. It gives you a great idea of how much they are growing. So here is Lucy in front of Heidi's friend from FAO Schwartz.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Pictures of the homecoming

Okay, I finally got some pictures uploaded to the blog. Sorry for the delay. I have a few from our trip home and a few pictures from the last couple of days here at home.

Janna and Lucy's going home outfits

Perfect fit

Sisters: Heidi and Lucy. Heidi has been GREAT with Lucy.

Bath time is Lucy's new favorite event

All better now

Sound asleep

We're home!

I'm having technical difficulties with the blog, so there may not be any pictures up for a few days.  Just bear with me.  

We were finally discharged on Sunday afternoon so we were able to go home around 3 o'clock.  Janna and I were both so excited to finally be able to take Lucy home, and to introduce her to Heidi of course.  The transition here at home has been going very smoothly.  Janna's mom is staying with us and taking care of the cleaning, cooking and everything else that Janna is having trouble doing right now.  She's also been a huge help with the baby and everything involved with her as well.  

Lucy actually slept about 4 1/2 hours on Sunday night which was amazing.  She's definitely got her days and nights mixed up so we're slowly trying to get her transitioned to a normal day and night schedule (as close as possible at least).  The sleep and schedule issue can be challenging but Janna is doing a great job and Lucy is responding beautifully.  

Not much else to report on here.  I'll have more once I get some pictures going.  I think the issue is my stupid DSL connection.  Its the last straw.  I'm switching back to cable, it's so much better.  Check the blog over the next few days for pictures.

Saturday, August 2, 2008


Lucy is officially 2 days old now. We ended up having Lucy stay in the nursery again last night which ended up being a blessing because Janna and I both slept very well between feedings. But, its getting harder and harder for us to let her go. We've had all of the family come and go today and through the process I've taken a few more pictures and video to put on the blog. It's amazing to look at her picture from day one and today, and see how much she has changed in just that short period of time. There are some great shots of Lucy and her mommy. Both of them have removed their hospital garb and put on new, much cuter, clothing. Janna is sporting her monogramed hospital gown that mom got for her and Lucy is wearing one of her many gowns. The doctor who did Janna's surgery (who's not even on call today) came by and checked Janna out and said that we would be able to go home tomorrow. I think that putting her in the car seat and removing her from this hospital environment will really allow for fatherhood to start setting in. I can't wait to have lucy home with us and start our life as a new family. We'll have some great pictures of all of that and the introduction of Heidi and Lucy. Enjoy the pictures.

Do we look alike?

Lucy's new outfit. We have start dressing her up now if we ever expect to

get through all of her clothes.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Lucy's one day old!

I don't have any more great pictures to put up right now of Lucy but I can say that she has changed in her looks even just overnight. She's transitioning from looking like a brand new baby to actually having distinctly feminine features and looking like a beautiful little girl. The fact that I'm actually a father is really starting to sink in. Every time I look at her I fall more and more in love and realize more and more that she is actually my daughter. It's still so crazy to me though.

We decided to have Lucy go to the nursery last night while we attempted to catch up on our sleep. They brought her in at 12, 3 and 6 for feedings. The breastfeeding was fairly exhausting to Janna so she would sleep pretty well between feedings. I, however, was somehow so tired that I was beyond being able to sleep. I watched about 2 hours worth of Family Guy (thank you and went down to the late night food court for some "healthy" eating. Between all of this I decided to take a walk and while I was walking I came across the nursery where Lucy was sleeping. I stood at the window just staring at her for about 10 minutes straight wondering why she was in there and why I wasn't holding her. But, I know that having the nursery take care of her was probably a life saver for Janna. All that being said I don't think I'll let them take her from me tonight.

At 5 this morning they came in and told Janna they were going to get her up and start the process of having her become mobile again. She's done very well, and even though she's in pain she's been able to get out of the bed and standing up straight on her own (pretty impressive 12 hours after having major on your abdomen). Lucy has been feeding consistenly about every 3-3 1/2 hours. She's been doing so good with the breastfeedingthat the lactation consultant literally had nothing to say to us. Almost all of our family has come and gone again today and our lack of sleep is starting to catch up with us again. I will definitely be updating again soon and hopefully have some pictures to show everyone. Thank you again for all of your prayers and support. I'm looking forward to getting home soon and being able to see everyone. Keep Janna in your prayers for a speedy and comfortable recovery.