Monday, April 4, 2011

Annie Videos

Here are some videos I promised. I'm not sure how great these are but this is what I have right now. I'll try and post more later. Check out the last post for some additional pictures.

Mommy holding Annie for the first time.

Lucy meeting Annie for the first time...didn't go exactly like we thought, but she'll warm up.


d & p said...

Just precious! Congrats y'all! I love hearing Martha's comment about c-section babies being so perfect, she really is. Just perfect.
We love y'all!

marc and trisha said...

SO excited for you guys! I loved being able to see the videos. I look forward to all the cute sister pics to come

molly said...

I love her little tongue and that newborn cry! And Janna you seriously look amazing! I don't see any pregnant face at all-jealous!

Helen said...

Annie is precious! Loved seeing Lucy meet her for the first time. Paula's Lauren did exactly the same thing when she was that age and met her new little brother, Chad.

I am so happy for the four of you!

Much love, Helen