Friday, April 1, 2011


"I have decided, I have resolved, to wait upon You Lord."

This song played as Mark and I drove to my LAST appointment yesterday. I kind of laughed and said, "well this is appropriate".

The good news is, we got a great report, baby looks great on ultrasound and everything is progressing normally so they are going to let me go to 41 weeks. Unfortunately, if she doesn't come on her own by then, then I'll have to have a c section Monday morning. I really wanted to avoid a c section, but at this point we've done everything we can and I'm trusting that if that's the way it happens it's because the Lord is protecting us from something else. He is in control and through this whole pregnancy we have prayed for His will and His sovereignty. I truly believe He has His hand on me and this baby, and so whatever happens is for the best. It's frustrating to think I've made it this far and may still end up with a c section after ALL THIS WAITING, (because if I had scheduled one instead of attempting a VBAC she would be here already!!) but it's also nice to know that there is an end in sight and no matter what we get to meet our little miracle on Monday morning! That gets me excited....

Keep us in your prayers. As Mark keeps reminding me, we still have all weekend, and anything could happen!

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Laura said...

Praying for her to make her beautiful appearance this weekend...or for peace about Monday morning.

Also, to answer your earlier question, the book I sent my friends was "Hannah's Hope".

Hope you're feeling as well as you're sounding!