Friday, April 8, 2011

Home Sweet Home

We're home! We actually got home Wednesday evening. We definitely debated staying at the hospital another day, but with Lucy being away from us this time around, it made us all the more eager to be at home. Everything has been going great since we got home. Lucy has definitely begun to warm up to Annie (although still not very interested) and Mommy is doing very well. Be praying for a quick recovery and transition back into routine for Janna...I think we both forgot how difficult the c-section recovery really was.

I posted a few pictures of us since we've been home, and the video is of Annie on the way home from the hospital. It is definitely her in a nutshell. She's been extremely calm and, for the most part, easy, since we've been home. VERY different from our first time around with Lucy. Lucy was inconsolable at times and did NOT want to sleep...EVER. But Annie has been fairly manageable, probably due to the fact that Janna and I are pros at this point (sarcasm of course).

Lucy holding Annie for the first time...supervised of course!

Lucy and Annie again, and Lucy's forced smile.

Lucy and Annie again...definitely my favorite.

Heidi meeting Annie for the first time. She did great, of course.

Mommy and sweet Annie.

She looks like me...right?

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Matt and Julie said...

So happy for ya'll! She's beautiful and I can't wait to meet her! I love the pictures with Lucy holding Annie...precious!