Friday, August 1, 2008

Lucy's one day old!

I don't have any more great pictures to put up right now of Lucy but I can say that she has changed in her looks even just overnight. She's transitioning from looking like a brand new baby to actually having distinctly feminine features and looking like a beautiful little girl. The fact that I'm actually a father is really starting to sink in. Every time I look at her I fall more and more in love and realize more and more that she is actually my daughter. It's still so crazy to me though.

We decided to have Lucy go to the nursery last night while we attempted to catch up on our sleep. They brought her in at 12, 3 and 6 for feedings. The breastfeeding was fairly exhausting to Janna so she would sleep pretty well between feedings. I, however, was somehow so tired that I was beyond being able to sleep. I watched about 2 hours worth of Family Guy (thank you and went down to the late night food court for some "healthy" eating. Between all of this I decided to take a walk and while I was walking I came across the nursery where Lucy was sleeping. I stood at the window just staring at her for about 10 minutes straight wondering why she was in there and why I wasn't holding her. But, I know that having the nursery take care of her was probably a life saver for Janna. All that being said I don't think I'll let them take her from me tonight.

At 5 this morning they came in and told Janna they were going to get her up and start the process of having her become mobile again. She's done very well, and even though she's in pain she's been able to get out of the bed and standing up straight on her own (pretty impressive 12 hours after having major on your abdomen). Lucy has been feeding consistenly about every 3-3 1/2 hours. She's been doing so good with the breastfeedingthat the lactation consultant literally had nothing to say to us. Almost all of our family has come and gone again today and our lack of sleep is starting to catch up with us again. I will definitely be updating again soon and hopefully have some pictures to show everyone. Thank you again for all of your prayers and support. I'm looking forward to getting home soon and being able to see everyone. Keep Janna in your prayers for a speedy and comfortable recovery.

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Tori said...

You make me cry. Of course, I cry about everything anyway, but I just can't believe that we have a baby. (haha). A baby that I can't just pick up and cuddle RIGHT NOW! I cannot wait to meet her and hold her and love her more than I already do just from hearing about her!