Thursday, July 31, 2008

She's Here!

Just give me a break on spelling and story telling skills, I'm going on 48 hours of no sleep. Okay, I know that no one is going to read this because you're going to automatically skip down to the pictures of Lucy, but I wanted to give a quick run-down of the day. We go to the hospital at 3 am and Janna was 3 cm dialated. They told us to go to sleep until morning and they would check her then. At 8:30 she was 5cm dialated so we thought for sure things were going smooth. At 2 the contractions were coming quicker and much more intense so when they checked Janna and determined that she hadn't progressed at all it was very frustrating. After trying to labor for 33 hours on her own without meds it got to a point where Janna decided to go ahead with the epidural, which ended up being a great idea because in order to get her to progress they had to break her water which apparently makes the contraction SUCK. A few hours later Janna had still not progressed. The Doctor said that one of two things was happening, either the baby was too big or the contractions weren't strong enough. He gave it one more hour and our great nurse did everything she could to get Janna to progress during that hour but it just wasn't happening. Lucy's head was just too big. So they prepared janna for a c-section and literally 45 minutes later Lucy was here. So here are a compilation of pics below with necessary captions.

This is Janna when we first got to the hospital. She was willing
to force a smile for me in between contractions.

This is me and mom once the epidural was put in. Everyone was happier
once the drugs kicked in.

This is Lucy right after they got her out of mommy's belly

The first family portrait

This is Lucy on the scale. If you can't read it, she weighed 6 pounds 10 ounces

Janna had to wait for an hour before she saw Lucy after she saw her in the operation room. So this is the first picture of mother and daughter together.

Baby Lucy

A video of Lucy about 10 minutes after she was born


rinsers said...

I am so happy that everything went well and that she is here! She is beautiful and perfect you guys. Congratulations!

Aaron said...

WOW! Congrats yall...we are thrilled for you. All praise to our merciful Father!

James said...

wow congratulations y'all

Tori said...

How long is she? She looks so long! I just wanna cry ya'll look so perfect holding that beautiful little girl.