Thursday, August 7, 2008

1 week old!

Alright, if it seems like we're getting a little obsessed with all these blog posts it's probably cuz we are. We just want to make sure everyone gets to share in the obsession. Just wanted to add a few pictures that we've taken over the last few days. I'll be posting again soon because we're going to Lucy's first cousins 1st birthday tomorrow night and I'm sure we'll have some great pictures.
These are all kinda random and just to give everyone an update on how Lucy is looking/doing.

she did not like her vitamin

Mom and baby. Aren't they gorgeous? I can't believe how blessed I am

One of my favorite pictures

Janna got the idea from someone to take a picture of your baby each month for the first year in front of the same stuffed animal. It gives you a great idea of how much they are growing. So here is Lucy in front of Heidi's friend from FAO Schwartz.


Chris and Abby said...

She has changed so much since we last saw her 4 days ago!! She gets more beautiful every day. :)

Matt and Julie said...

I thought we were gonna get some new pictures soon? Haha, just kidding....I check this thing like every day :) She really is so beautiful!