Tuesday, August 5, 2008

We're home!

I'm having technical difficulties with the blog, so there may not be any pictures up for a few days.  Just bear with me.  

We were finally discharged on Sunday afternoon so we were able to go home around 3 o'clock.  Janna and I were both so excited to finally be able to take Lucy home, and to introduce her to Heidi of course.  The transition here at home has been going very smoothly.  Janna's mom is staying with us and taking care of the cleaning, cooking and everything else that Janna is having trouble doing right now.  She's also been a huge help with the baby and everything involved with her as well.  

Lucy actually slept about 4 1/2 hours on Sunday night which was amazing.  She's definitely got her days and nights mixed up so we're slowly trying to get her transitioned to a normal day and night schedule (as close as possible at least).  The sleep and schedule issue can be challenging but Janna is doing a great job and Lucy is responding beautifully.  

Not much else to report on here.  I'll have more once I get some pictures going.  I think the issue is my stupid DSL connection.  Its the last straw.  I'm switching back to cable, it's so much better.  Check the blog over the next few days for pictures.

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