Saturday, August 23, 2008

3 Weeks Old

Well I suppose it's about time that I put up some new pictures on the blog. No new news to report on this week, but Janna is healing very well and Lucy is growing like crazy. I'm not sure if any of these pictures really capture it, but she has definitely started to fatten up in her arms and legs, and her face (Lucy that is, not Janna). Janna goes back to the doctor next Thursday in order to get the okay on being active again. It has been killing her that she can't get out and do things on her own so she is anxious to hear what the doctor will have to say.

Despite her new sleep schedule (which she is responding beautifully to by the way) we still give in every once in a while and just let her fall asleep like this. Its too good to resist.

Uncle Jake

"Tummy Time"

She's finally starting to fit into some of her cuter outfits. This one we got from our good friends Jonathan and Meredith.

Four Generations

Lucy loves her new swing...Heidi is not so sure yet

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Matt and Julie said...

I love being able to see how much she is growing...please keep posting pictures (at least until I actually get to see her in person :) She is absolutely beautiful, just like her momma. I'm glad everyone is doing so good. Miss you guys!