Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Pictures of the homecoming

Okay, I finally got some pictures uploaded to the blog. Sorry for the delay. I have a few from our trip home and a few pictures from the last couple of days here at home.

Janna and Lucy's going home outfits

Perfect fit

Sisters: Heidi and Lucy. Heidi has been GREAT with Lucy.

Bath time is Lucy's new favorite event

All better now

Sound asleep


Aaron said...

Wow, she is beautiful. Gotta love her and the Heidster. Geesh, buy a pony sattle for her...

Julie said...

Oh my goodness...she is absolutely precious! I love the picture with Lucy and Heidi...it's priceless! I guess I really am the only person Heidi doesn't like :( I hope you guys are doing great and getting as much sleep as possible!

shannon driy said...

mark and Janna!!! She is so wonderful!! She is a doll, you two did great!!! Heidi is cute too!!! She is absolutely darling, I miss you guys, I wish I could see her!!! Its been way to long, take care, hope to see you soon

Samantha said...

Wow! She is beautiful! Congrats on being a mommy. We have that same car seat and really like it.