Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Small Group

Each week on Monday nights, I am blessed, encouraged, challenged, and chiseled. I am reminded of God's plan for our lives and understand more fully His plan for us to live in community. Our current small group is only the second one we have been in at Southside Church, and so far we have loved every minute. God is already doing amazing things in and through these fantastic couples. We love our group like family, and more often than not, our group knows things about us even our family doesn't. (sorry fam...but it's true!)

This Sunday, after a terrible week for me personally, we forced ourselves out of bed, drug (dragged?) two exhausted and sick kiddos out of their beds, and actually got to church ON TIME. We then had the honor of watching two amazing women in our group be baptized for the first time. I cried through the whole thing. But...I'm naturally a crier.

If you don't cry watching this video of it though, you're heartless. Just kidding. Sort of.
(you can fast forward bc the first bulk of it is our worship service...unless you wanna have a little personal worship on the comp, then watch it!)

So proud of your boldness and faith Kacy and Kim!


Kacy said...

Thanks, Janna!! We love you guys too and have been so encouraged by you. No way I would've been here without you!

kim said...

Thanks for the love, Janna!