Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Goals for 2012

So I'm a little late on the whole "Resolution" post, but I'm notoriously late everywhere I go....so why should blogging be any different?

I'm definitely a goal oriented person, and I've learned that instead of having a new thing to do just because I need to make a New Year's Resolution, I need to make attainable goals that are worth my time and effort. But ones that can be life changing when applied correctly.

We have some financial goals, like canceling cable tv, increasing our percentage giving/savings, sponsoring a child, and living on less in general...but these aren't really NEW goals, and are more goals for Mark as the provider and for us as a family to accomplish together. But I need goals for myself, that I can accomplish on my own, with Mark's encouragement and support.

Thus....my personal list for 2012:

- Start a money making blog: Ok this is kind of a big task, but one that I have wanted to do for quite some time. I still want to keep this our family blog, but want to start an additional blog, probably about something really cliche like parenting, homeschooling, cooking, or the other million things that I do in this whole "wife/mom" gig that I signed up for. Suggestions and comments greatly appreciated :)

- Begin the process of expanding our family, either through adoption or pregnancy: so I sort of need Mark's help on this one....but we both know we are ready for more children and we feel like the Lord is calling us to have more. The confusing part is figuring out how that will come about....do we pursue adoption? Do we try to get pregnant? (especially considering my miscarriage history, this seems daunting) Or do we wait until we have clear direction either way? I DON'T mean that I want us to have another child in 2012, I just mean that I want the discussion/action steps to begin in 2012. Pray for us on this one....

- Have more GIRL time: I need women/mothers/wives who are pouring into me on a regular basis. I have amazing girls in my small group, the world's greatest mom, and many friends and family who I look up to and respect as mothers and wives. But I don't have time planned in my schedule to meet with them and receive input and encouragement from them. So a personal goal for me is to plan a regularly scheduled time, whether its weekly or monthly, to receive encouragement, advice, prayer, and support from these amazing women in my life.

- Simplify our home: this one is ALL on me. I want to simplify my cleaning, cooking, and organization in every aspect of the word. I want to simplify my cleaning by decreasing the amount of products/chemicals I use; simplify my cooking by eating whole foods and not as much junk; simplify my home and organize it so that it is clutter free and peaceful. We don't need HALF the junk we have in this house....I just need the time, energy, and motivation to do something about it.

- Wake. Up. Earlier. This is my last, and most difficult goal to strive toward. I am NOT a morning person. No seriously....don't speak to me before 9 am, and don't come to my house or expect me to BE anywhere before 10 am. It's bad....I know it is. On mornings that I rise earlier than my girls (which really isn't even all that early...) and I can drink my coffee, have some prayer and Bible reading time, and get a head start on my day, I am a much happier mom. I also get a LOT more done on those days. The problem is getting out of my warm bed. I don't like to do it. So this is a goal I'm going to take slowly, because I truly want it to be a life change for me, and not something that I do for a month and then quit.

So those are my goals for 2012. I realize you didn't ask, but that's why I love this whole blogging thing.


Kacy said...

I love reading people's lists and resolutions and stuff...it always gives me ideas. i especially like the GIRL TIME goal...I want in on that!!!

Chasidy said...

Janna! I have seriously considered starting a blog too, but it is not something I want to undertake by myself! Every. single. one of our resolutions are the same! Would you be interested in talking about starting one together? Nurses and Supermoms- it could be fun. (that is obviously not our title! :))


kim said...

I like this list. There are a few I want to do as well, including adding to our family and having girl time!