Sunday, August 10, 2014

Lucy Lu

My baby turned 6.

I'm not sure how I'm old enough to have a six year old. It seems like yesterday this girl made me a mama for the first time. All of my children hold a special place in my heart for different reasons. Lucy is my oldest. My first. And let's face it she's pretty much a carbon copy of me.

Once again, her birthday happened during a time of transition. This time we were in the new house, barely settled....but I did have the kitchen unpacked enough to make her monkey bread muffins for breakfast, which is what she requested.

Typical of our birthdays around here, we don't make a huge deal or throw a big party. Just hang with family and friends and make the day special. We went to Monkey Joe's in the morning with cousin Abbie and left Stella at home so I could focus on Lucy for the day. Annie tagged along of course.

Then I took the girls to Claire's to spend Lucy's birthday money. Oh my word they were in heaven. I thought Annie would be too young to appreciate the girly explosion that is Claire's, but I was wrong. They went pointing from thing to thing asking the price and if they could have it/wear it/buy it. Eventually they settled on the make up stand and stayed here for a while exploring all the cosmetics. They each went home with some great stuff. Daddy was thrilled.

That night we took the golf cart to El Ranchero for Lucy's birthday dinner, complete with grandparents and family. I didn't make her birthday cake this year. I let the great people at Publix do that for me.

Annie enjoyed Lucy's birthday almost as much as Lucy did.

Lucy got to be the guinea pig newborn. We didn't have a clue what we were doing (not that we do now....) She had to endure us learning how to feed and care for a baby. And now she has to be the guinea pig again. I sort of feel like I have this baby thing somewhat nailed down, but a big kid, a school aged kid....well I've never done that before so it's brand new territory. We get to learn through you again Lucy. Thanks for letting us experiment on you.

Have you ever seen a more glamorous six year old? She is learning the art of accessorizing.

A week after she turned six, Lucy started her first day of 1st grade! This is her first year at a real elementary school. Big kid school. All day!!!

I was a little worried about her that first day, but she has done awesome and has loved every minute of school.

Leaving for school in the golf cart, true Peachtree City style.

She is riding the bus home this year, and the bus stops right at the end of our street so I can walk to meet her each day. I can't believe she got on the right bus and got off at the right stop. She's so grown up!

Telling me all about her day over a plate of cookies was my favorite part.  

Lucy has had to go through so many changes all at once this year. Becoming a big sister again, moving, and starting school in a new city and making new friends. She has handled it beautifully and has taken on new responsibilities without skipping a beat. I'm so proud of how she has chipped in and helped me.

She is my shopping buddy, my diaper fetcher, my little sister entertainer, and my chatty little shadow. She loves to help, loves to talk, and loves to be independent. She is nurturing, considerate, and full of life. She is moody and girly and sparkly. I'm so proud of you Lucy and all that you have become!

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