Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Finally a Family Update

My poor, poor neglected blog. It takes a while to put together a blog post, even a crappy one, and I just now have the capacity to attempt one (which means these will probably be crappy). I was so sick towards the end of the pregnancy that I didn't have the energy, and now that baby is here I don't have the time.

But it's a Tuesday morning, Lucy is at school, a precious friend has my two middles, and the baby is asleep. I'm sitting at the kitchen table since we don't have a place for our computer yet, drinking a cup of coffee and realizing how incredibly blessed, and tired, I am. I'm enjoying the quiet and relishing the moment.

Some of these are quite old. From earlier this summer. But I still wanted to post them.

Remember that time I said I would post more pictures of our beach trip? Well....it finally happened.

Hilton Head Part 2

Sweet Summertime

I'm so proud of Lucy and all that she has accomplished in the past few weeks

Lucy Lu

And finally, with much anticipation, introducing our newest addition. A girl.

Baby Cora

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kim said...

Ah yeah all caught up! And I knew most of these things but loved reading them anyway.