Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sweet Summertime

Since I've been horrible about blogging lately, I'm gonna give you a quick run down of our summer in pictures. This summer went by way too quickly....and also crawled in a way since I was huge and pregnant and sick and had a super good attitude. 

I tried to enjoy the moments I felt good, and not too feel guilty during the moments I had to lay down and stay out of the action. 

 Enjoying a morning walk on the cooler days. How sweet are they all snuggled up?

We spent a lot of time in the back yard playing with water. I had big plans to use our neighborhood pool but we didn't make it there as often as I would have liked. Getting three kids to the pool and supervising them all by myself just felt a little daunting so most days we just stayed home.

Grilling and eating outside. One of the best parts about summer.

Mark and I also celebrated our 8th anniversary this summer. EIGHT years??? How is that possible? And that's just the time we've been married....we dated 4-5 years before that. We have almost reached the point where we have been together longer than we have been apart.

Again, celebrating pregnant and with three kids is about as glamorous as you would expect....but we did enjoy a night out just the two of us and hope to take a trip maybe in a year or two for another anniversary. Life with little ones is restricting sometimes, but also so rewarding.

We left the littles at home, and Mark, Lucy and I drove to Virginia for my cousin's wedding. It was such a nice getaway and we enjoyed the time with our oldest for a change. Lucy had a blast getting all the attention for the weekend. We enjoyed exploring Virginia and spending time with family.

Mark and I celebrated our 30th birthday! Just another excuse to get a cookie cake....

Lots of days of playing indoors when it was too hot, and enjoying each other with no school and no agenda.

July 4th was spent with friends and family in Peachtree City. Thank goodness it was a nice, cool, breezy day because we spent a lot of time outside at the parade and watching fireworks.

The girls enjoyed mommy's craving for chocolate milkshakes...and lots of popsicles outside.

At the end of the summer, right before baby, we MOVED. Because you know, adding a 4th child to your bunch isn't a big enough change. You need to change your address too. Not just your address, but school districts and cities too. And pack a bunch of boxes. And then unpack them. Its super fun, you should try it the next time you have a baby.

We got moved in thanks to fabulous family and friends who packed, unpacked, brought meals, entertained the girls, and help me get my house livable. We still have a lot to do....don't look in our garage please. But the essentials are done and we are enjoying living in Peachtree City. We have wanted to move here for a long time and while this wasn't the best timing in the world, the opportunity presented itself and we felt like it was the best move for our family. We are in an awesome school district, a nice, quiet neighborhood, and while the house is old and smaller than what we have, it has suited our needs just fine. I'm all about simplifying anyway.

Lucy and I enjoyed a date night out, shopping and eating. I love spending one on one time with her. She just comes a live with personality.

Happy Summer!

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