Monday, August 18, 2014

We had a baby!

So....we had a baby!! Amongst all the moving and birthdays and school starting and just general busyness of being a family of five, we added a new one to the bunch. 

Last picture of these three the morning before the baby was born...

If you remember correctly, this baby's gender was a surprise....but we really weren't THAT surprised when baby was born and the doctor's a GIRL!

Sweet Cora Mae joined our family on August 13th.

She was my biggest baby at 7lbs. 4oz. She made quite an entrance with her screaming and wailing. The surgery for me was very eventful and probably one of the worst things I've ever experienced. There were lots of complications and issues, all of which I am mostly recovered from now....but it was a very difficult first day or two. Fortunately none of my health issues affected Cora. She has been healthy and beautiful from day one.

Everyone was at the hospital to meet Cora, (and let's face it to hear the gender), but they had to wait a very long time because of my issues in surgery. The girls were well past naptime and Stella was borderline a train wreck, so I didn't get the first sibling meeting pictures that I dreamt of but they were excited to see and hold her nonetheless.

We had a handful of names picked out...a few girl and a few boy, but nothing we had decided on concretely. We finally decided for sure on Cora for a first name, which was my great-grandmother's name. We still had a few boy names we were throwing around on the way to the hospital but nothing really felt right. I don't think either of us could commit to a boy name because we expected it to be another girl. Good thing we didn't have our hearts set on a boy name. Cora felt right. The girls loved it and we loved it. We decided on a middle name after she was born. I looked at Mark and said, "Cora Mae??". He said, "Cora Mae." And that was that.

Annie likes to call her by both names. And while I didn't intend on her having a double name, it does flow together well so we'll see what happens.

My oldest and my youngest!!

After everyone met her and went home....hilarious. Being a daddy is hard work.

Beautiful Cora Mae!!

One of my favorites from the hospital. Lucy and daddy just hangin and talking and holding Cora.

Despite the fact that we didn't know the name, let alone the gender of the baby, my friend Carolyn still managed to get us something monogrammed. Leave it to her.

Cora has been sweet from the start. Fairly easy to please and happy to just eat and sleep. I prayed for that. No really I did.

Headed home! Finally!

When we got home everyone had to hold her. Some did better than others.

Sweet baby stretches

Her one week picture...she doesn't have a special stuffed animal yet so just the sign for now. She reminds me a lot of Lucy as a newborn.

Stella had to get in on the action. Giant one week old. 

Cora joining our family has felt so normal and expected. Like she has belonged in our family since the beginning. We are so thankful for another healthy, beautiful girl. We know we are so fortunate and blessed to have this many babies. The Lord has shown favor on us and we are filled with joy.

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Chris and Abby said...

I've told you before, but congratulations!!! Cora is so beautiful! I loved your post- and you had me laughing out loud a few times. Annie holding Cora is priceless... at least Cora seems to be smiling! And the giant one week old..... too cute! Mark sleeping at the hospital after everyone left.... hilarious! So glad your sweet family is adjusting!