Thursday, February 7, 2013

Valentine's Photo Shoot

We were blessed with a GORGEOUS day yesterday so I let the girls go down late for naps so we could play outside. Oh and of course I made chili last night. It never fails that I make soup or chili on our random warm days.

Today is gross. Rainy and cold and gross. We were feeling a little bored. So we had a rainy day photo shoot for Valentine's Day!

 Sweet Stella. Almost 4 months!

Crazy Annie. 22 months (whaaa???!) 

Lucy Laine. 4 1/2 yrs. I told her on Jan 31 that it was her half birthday. She was so happy all day.
I teared up when I realized she only has 6 more months of being 4.

Happy (early) Valentine's Day from the Campbell girls


*claire* said...

this is too cute. you campbells make some cute girls :)

we had chili yesterday too - should have waited until today!

*claire* said...

ahh! and i love the cover photo!! stella is smiling too?? all 3 at once -that's a little miracle!

Kacy said...

Precious girls. Love them!