Monday, April 9, 2012


Easter was busy....just like the rest of the week. On Friday night we had a cookout and egg hunt with a bunch of friends. It was so fun and the kids loved playing together.

All the kiddos (minus Annie) ready for the egg hunt!

After eating and the egg hunt, we had a bunny cake!

Look at those beautiful boys

Easter morning the girls opened their Easter basket...serious sleepy faces going on, not sure why...either way it's cute.

After church we went over to The Campbell's house for lunch, and yes....another egg hunt. I cannot believe we didn't get a family picture on Easter. I'm pretty sure that was the first thing I said to Mark that morning "we have to get a family picture!!" Didn't happen....but I did get a cute one of Lucy in her dress

So blessed with a gorgeous girl

Lucy and James watching the chicken "lay" an egg

Lucy trying to figure it out....crack me up.

Egg hunt with Buddy!

My other gorgeous girl with her Pop Pop

I know it seems like Easter was all about the kids and the eggs and the candy....but our service Sunday morning was truly amazing, and every Easter I am more and more amazed at Christ's sacrifice on the cross for us...and more importantly the GRACE that was given to us from the cross. We cannot fathom how much our Savior truly loves us. I am so humbled and grateful for what Easter means, and feel more responsibility than ever to teach our children what Easter means.

Thank you for the cross Lord Jesus! Happy Easter!