Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Annie Faith

One year ago today, our family was blessed with this sweet miracle....

Annie means "grace, favour". Usually I'm not big on name meanings, but after two miscarriages, we truly felt like the Lord showed His favor on us when He gave us this baby girl. Faith seemed fitting after waiting patiently, in faith, for that grace and favor to be shown.

Oh if we only knew the bounds of grace the Lord was showing us when He created Annie. To say she is a blessing to our family misrepresents the amount of joy she has brought us. She is exactly what we needed, exactly WHEN we needed it. I am so grateful our Heavenly Father knows our hearts, and longs to give us the desire of our hearts.

Annie had a fun day, nothing too out of the ordinary; a play date with big sister's friends, snuggle time with mommy, dinner with our little family, and smiles and laughter along the way. She is a happy, SWEET sweet girl. I call her my little koala bear because when I hold her she hangs on to me like a koala bear does to a tree.

You can't capture this personality on camera....I've tried. I've also tried to catch her walking on camera and video and failed. She takes about 4-5 steps at a time now and then sits down and crawls. Crawling is much faster....and this girl's got places to go.

Her birthday party is Saturday but she enjoyed a cupcake tonight with just the four of us.

Precious Annie,
You bring joy and peace to my heart every. single. day.
I love you with all that I am.
Never stop smiling that sweet smile.
Thank you for being our earthly picture of God's grace and favour.

Happy Birthday!

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