Saturday, April 7, 2012

Annie's Party

I wasn't planning on having a party for Annie's first birthday, but at the last minute decided I really should do something, because she only turns ONE once, and it is kind of a big deal....I really hate throwing/hosting parties though, so another thing that threw me out of my comfort zone and probably did me some good :)

We just had some family and friends (mainly kids) over to our house for lunch on the Saturday before Easter. We were blessed with a GORGEOUS day, like literally the most beautiful spring day, so we spent the whole time outside.

My beautiful mom with the birthday girl. I could NOT have thrown this party without her help. 

We borrowed a bouncy castle from some friends, and pretty much just let the kids run wild outside. Between the outside toys, the bouncy house, and our swing set, I think they all had a blast.

Parks, Annie's future husband. It's funny because his parents think we're kidding....but we're not.

Love this family!!

Sweet Abbie pushing Annie day they'll WANT us to take their picture

Annie trying to roll her tongue like Dee Dee does

Heidi had a blast too

Time for cake! Lucy helped her blow out the candles :)

She dug right in. She's not one of those babies who doesn't know what to do with icing. Not sure what that says about my parenting.

Love this picture of Annie and Uncle Jake! WHY is it blurry stupid Nikon???!

After everyone went home, the girls took long naps and Mark and I passed out on the couch and congratulated ourselves on surviving a birthday party....and a year of babyhood for that matter....

I told people not to bring presents, but some people don't obey, so after naps Annie opened some presents :)

Overall, it was a birthday success and I'm glad I took the plunge and invited all those people to my house. Thank you friends and family and everyone who came...we are so grateful for such wonderful people in our lives and in our daughters' lives. We could not have survived Annie's first year without each and every one of you!

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Kacy said...

You do a great job of hosting parties for someone who doesn't like hosting parties. We had fun...thanks for inviting us! And we are glad you are not kidding. Parks is too!