Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's Day Party

The Friday before Valentine's Day, Lucy had a party with all her buddies at her friend Riley's house. The girls had so much fun and I'm so glad Leslie likes planning parties like this.....because I don't :) I'll attend, thank you very much, but don't so much enjoy the planning/hosting part. Just one of those gifts I don't have .

Lucy and Riley  

 These three sweet girls are always attached at the hip....

The teacher in Leslie coming out as she rounds up the kiddos :) 

picture pose! 

Playing a game, and Lucy's face when she realized she had the matching heart! So precious. 

Annie playing with the babes 

Lucy organizing and going through all of her Valentines and goodies when we got home.

She seriously had a blast and has been talking about that party non stop. Can't wait for the next event, but don't expect me to plan it!

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