Friday, February 24, 2012

First Wound

I remember at this age with Lucy, there was constantly a bump, bruise, cut or some sort of wound on Lucy's head. She was pulling up on everything, trying to climb and walk, and they are so top heavy at this age that their heads are naturally what hit the ground first! It's amazing how strong the Lord made their little bodies....

We are officially there with Annie. She is much more of a climber than Lucy was, and is pulling up and standing earlier than Lucy too. So naturally, we have our first head wound.

She climbed into the dishwasher....ALL the way into the dishwasher, and then of course fell out and hit the corner just right on her head. It left a pretty good puncture wound, and for a minute I contemplated taking her in to get it glued.....but the nurse in me decided against it :) I'm glad I didn't bring her in because it healed nicely and you can barely even see the mark now.

The first of many wounds to come for this little adventurous pre-walker!!

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