Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lucy Lu

I feel like all of my posts lately have been about Annie, or Laura, or me, and I wanted to catch everyone up on what my Lucy Lu has been doing! She turned 3 1/2 last month....I can't believe it. Sometimes I look at her and don't recognize her because she's so big and so grown up.

A little bit about Lucy these days:

- she is loving learning at home with mommy and is almost too smart for me to handle. She knows her letters, numbers, the sounds the letters make, can write her own name, and knows about 10 Bible verses, some of which she needs prompting with

- she loves her sister SO much

- she is a huge helper to mommy and loves to be helpful around the house. She makes her bed and brushes her teeth and gets dressed every morning by herself. Sometimes she needs help with her shirts...but really she is very independent.

- She is also great about cleaning up after herself and putting toys where they go. She's OCD about that like her mommy :) The other night after she was in bed I heard some rustling around in her room, so went in to check on her because she is not allowed to get out of her bed except to go potty. Mark and I walked into the room and Lucy looked at us, and said in a very stressed out voice "I had to clean my room because I can't sleep when my room isn't clean!" Haha...that is SO me.

- she is full of energy and is constantly running or dancing

- the girl has some CRAZY hair.

- She loves to play games. Her current favorite is Sequence for Kids, but she's a whiz at Memory and beats me on a regular basis

- She has been BEGGING me to get her ears pierced. At first we decided maybe for her 5th birthday, but somehow she has negotiated back to Christmas before that, and now for her 4th birthday.....not sure how that happened. I'm fine with it, but Mark isn't completely on board yet. We've told her if she stops sucking her thumb she can get them pierced for her 4th birthday.

- As evidenced by the above story, she is quite the little negotiator and arguer. She rarely takes the first answer and constantly pushes and questions. Sometimes she does it out of rebellion, but usually its because she really just doesn't want a short answer. I can usually tell the difference, and I'm trying to figure out how to encourage her to not argue with mommy and daddy without completely squashing her challenging and strong-willed personality.

- Dress up clothes are mandatory. Tutus, dresses, and anything sparkly.

- Although she is definitely a girly girl at times, she also loves animals, bugs, and being outside. This is a picture of her face after a ladybug flew out of her hand...

Lucy is such a joy and is constantly stretching and pushing my character and mothering tactics. She is SO like me in a lot of ways that the Lord has really taught me through disciplining and training her. I am so thankful for this kind-hearted, spunky, compassionate, strong-willed little girl.

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Chris and Abby said...

Janna, I can't believe Lucy is 3 1/2 already! She is such a beautiful little girl! and I have to admit... the fact that she has "CRAZY" hair is quite an encouragement for me. Just like Lucy, Avery has very little hair and is almost 1 1/2.... it gives me hope that she WILL have hair one day! haha!