Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Our computer is back!! Which means so are my fabulous, oh-so informative blog posts that I know you all have just been dying to read. The bad news is, we had to get an entirely new hard drive, and we lost everything on the old hard drive. Pictures, videos, addresses, music......Fortunately for some reason I was paranoid enough to not delete any pictures on our Nikon so I have pictures all the way back to Annie's birth on our camera. Most of our other pictures are on snapfish or shutterfly so we can purchase those again at some point. But still....I was heartbroken. Lesson learned: Back up EVERYTHING! Even if you have an iMac and you think it could never crash.


Our Latvian girls arrive in exactly one month!! I'm excited and terrified. Excited because I can't wait to meet them and love on them and show them how special they are. Terrified because, well, I'm going to have four girls to take care of! And what in the world do I do with a six year old all day????

I'm also worried about getting too attached to them. I mean, if we don't find anyone to adopt them, and we put them back on that plane knowing they are going back to an orphanage indefinitely....how in the world are we going to handle that? Do we pursue adopting them? Do we keep advocating for them and trying to find someone else to adopt them? So, that part is scary because who knows how we will feel about them and who knows what the Lord will call us to. We are ill-equipped and unworthy but for some reason the Lord has chosen us to be a part of these girls lives so we are excited to follow in obedience. I just hope they like us!

I've put up a few new posts. I'll try and play catch up since I slacked on the blogging for so long.

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Ashley said...

praying for you as you bring the two little girls into your home! such an amazing act of kindness and love. love you!