Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Disney on Ice

About a month ago Lucy and I went to Disney on Ice with her best buds and their mommies (who just happen to be two of my best buds!!) Lucy has never been to Disney World, or really any big event at all....we took her to the movie theatre once, does that count? :) Anyway, needless to say we were both SO psyched to go see the Disney on Ice Princess show. This was a really big deal for us to take her, mainly because it's expensive, but also because we don't want her to expect things like this. They are "special treats" as we call them. This was definitely a special treat for both of us.

The princesses before the show!

All six of grateful for these beautiful girls in our life.

Pretty much everyone there was dressed up in some sort of princess outfit, but these three were, hands down, the most adorable princesses there. Seriously everyone kept commenting on how cute they were. Probably because they insisted on holding hands while walking, all three of them in a row.

I love this. The runaway princesses.

Lucy being a goof. I wonder if she's going to be a class clown.

This should be framed somewhere, seriously.

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Ashley said...

so precious:) glad your computer is back up and running!