Friday, November 4, 2011

7 months

Annie is 7 months old today...this is one of my favorite ages, it was with Lucy too. Not much has changed since 6 months...maybe that's why I love this age :) things are predictable and easy for the next few months.

Annie continues to grow into such a sweet little thing. She is content to sit on the ground and play with anything, and she is smiley and happy almost all the time.

She loves her big sister and smiles or laughs just at the sight of her.

She is sitting on her own, babbling, scooting and rolling all over the floor.

She is on a modified four hour schedule....I say modified because she needs 5 feedings a day instead of four. She naps twice a day and sleeps 12 hours without making a peep at night :)

The days of leaving the bear alone are over :) she grabs everything and brings it straight to her mouth.

She is still a mama's girl but is also very social. She wants to be where the action is and wants to be around people. Not much intimidates or overwhelms her.

Oh how I love this little miracle :)

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Laura said...

She's beautiful!!

Chris and Abby said...

I seriously can't believe it's been 7 months already!!! She is growing so fast!