Saturday, November 5, 2011


So...I'm definitely not a pro at this yet. And probably never will be, but with a few months of homeschooling under my belt I have to say it's a lot less daunting and difficult than I expected. So far Lucy and I are both loving our "school time" together in the mornings while Annie naps.

I love that she learns at our kitchen table, or on the couch, or walking through the neighborhood. I love that I am her teacher, and if we want to spend a whole day learning about baking cookies we can. Or we can read 20 Bible stories in a row instead of working on letters. I don't know how long I will homeschool, but I do know that keeping Lucy home this year has opened my eyes to the idea of educating at home, whether it is just for one year or 12.

Lucy could already recognize all of the letters of the alphabet before we started doing school this year, and she also already knew the sounds they make. We are focusing on really learning the sounds, and also on writing. She can write her name by herself as of a few weeks ago! I am amazed at how quickly she has progressed.

working on letters and fine motor skills

sorting according to size

Working on patterns. She has a hard time with this but has already improved a lot.

I love seeing her learn. It has made me want to incorporate learning in everything we do....although she pretty much learns on her own anyway. I love this age, how she just soaks up every word, and remembers EVERYTHING. Can't wait to see how much more she progresses in the next few months!

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