Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thunder and Precious: The Sequel

For Gabby's birthday party, we went to Brooks to her grandparents house to ride their ponies. Lucy LOVED it and seriously would not stop talking about it. Well the precious Huggins fam invited us back, along with another couple from our small group, and we had so much fun! Lucy loved all the animals....especially the ponies.

I think this one is Thunder....Lucy's fave.

Gabby being a TRUE country girl and riding in her bathing suit

This face shows it all. Sweat and Joy.

Martin got a good work out running the girls around in the horse cart

Me and sweet Annie. I swear I'm not really this pale. But Annie really is this fat.

Mamas and babies on the porch

Parks being a flirt :)

Lucy feeding the pig! Those are Katie's amazing legs in this pic by the way. Wish they were mine :)

She seriously loved this guy. She sat there forever petting him and watching him eat.

Meanwhile, Annie borrowed Parks' place in the double stroller and decided to take a nap with Marlee. Its hard to see her eyes past all the chin/cheek fat.

We always have a blast when we hang with this crowd. The Lord definitely brought this group together for a purpose! So thankful for these people in our lives....

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Laura said...

So precious! Both girls are beautiful! We also adore our small group and know that God brings people into our lives when we need them most.