Monday, June 13, 2011

My first CSA

Eating fresh food is very important to me. I love to cook, and I try and avoid buying processed foods as much as possible, especially since not only am I putting that food into my body, but also into the little bodies of my kids! (Mark doesn't really care....he'll eat anything. HA!)

We have discussed joining a CSA in the past, but decided against it. We ALMOST did the CSA this year with Whitley Farms, but last minute decided it just wasn't in the budget. I was so upset because I really want to support local farms and I want to buy fresh, local produce. A few days after we decided we couldn't afford it, I got a facebook message from Whitley Farms saying we had been chosen to receive a half share CSA for 24 weeks from them, for FREE! I started crying. Seriously. We have had to sacrifice a lot in order for me to stay home with the girls and for Mark to only have one job. This gift of fresh food meant SO much to me. The Lord is using the Whitley's to provide for us and we are so grateful. So far we've enjoyed two weeks of fresh produce from their farm. This past Friday, Mrs. Whitley was kind enough to walk us around and show Lucy all the plants.

Standing next to the corn....its not quite ready to eat yet, but I'm looking forward to when it is!

Checking out a blueberry bush....

...and popping a blueberry in her mouth :)

Lucy spotted a baby watermelon!

My favorite part of this week's share....raspberries! Poor Mark never even laid eyes on these. Lucy and I gobbled them up the second we got home.

Yummy pasta with lots of fresh veggies :)

My first time ever making collard greens! Everything on this plate except the meatballs was provided by Whitley Farms.

God is so good for using the Whitley's to give us fresh food, and the Whitley's are amazing to share this farm that they have been blessed with!


Molly said...

I'm so happy for yall! This truly is the best gift ever! So, what meatball recipe is that?

Anonymous said...

We have so many yummy vegetables coming up right now and I'm working on a cookbook for all our produce! So glad you guys could be part of our farm and we really encourage everyone to come out, walk around and enjoy the fresh veggies and fruit :) We're also at the PTC market on Wednesdays and Sundays with more produce and baked goods like cornbread, cobblers, and more!