Friday, April 9, 2010


Easter was a blast this year. Lucy actually understood the concept of finding eggs and putting them in her basket! It was so much fun watching her and James run around the yard with each other. Makes us wish they lived closer :) Enjoy the pictures. I may have gotten a little carried away :)

Posing in their sweet Easter outfits

Sisters! This bow was on a basket Big Daddy and Grandma gave Lucy, and when Lucy saw the bow she immediately said, "bow Heidi bow Heidi bow Heidi." Thus, we put the bow on Heidi. She was happy.

Ok I know I'm a little biased, but she's gorgeous, right?!

I just couldn't get enough of these two holding hands....

And some pictures of the egg hunt...

We are humbly reminded of the true celebration of Easter weekend. This song resounded in my mind all week long:

How beautiful the bloodflow,
How merciful the love shown,
The King of Glory poured out,
Victorious are we now!

Thank you Heavenly Father for sending your Son, and thank you Jesus for willingly choosing the cross. We will never know the cost.

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Meredith said...

How sweet are these pictures!? I love the ones where they are holding hands. So cute! I just started up our blog. I sent you an email. How do you follow other blogs to have them listed to the side? I couldn't figure it out.