Friday, March 26, 2010

A few to tide you over...

Haven't taken many pictures lately...we've been so busy that sometimes I forget to get the camera out and capture these precious moments! Lucy is growing beautifully and is a talking maniac. Seriously....she is learning a new word almost every day, and easily putting two words together for little mini sentences. Her favorite new phrase is "My ___". My mama, my dog, my......whatever. Unfortunately the dreaded M-I-N-E has reared its ugly head a few times as well, but I'm quick to punish for that nasty word, so she rarely says it. We've also been working on the alphabet a lot recently and she knows about 10 letters. Some of them she can't say the actual letter so she says the sound. Like for "L", she says, "lalala", and "M" she says "mmmm". In the grocery store the other day we were in the dairy section and she saw the big DAIRY letters above us and she pointed and said "Y!!" I'm amazed at how fast she learns.

In other news, we have decided to undergo some testing to see why I lost two babies in a row, so continue to keep us in your prayers as we encounter this long and unexpected journey. Here are a few pictures of Lucy to tide you over until I get to spend some more time behind my camera.

I brought this booster seat and Sesame Street DVD home from a consignment sale....Lucy was excited about them both, as you can see.

She is such a little toddler now! Where did my baby go?

Enjoying one of our beautiful Spring days on the back patio with a little sidewalk chalk and a picnic lunch.

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