Friday, April 30, 2010

Spring Gardening

I love our house during the spring. We get great shade all through the day, so its never too hot, and our spring flowers are just gorgeous. I took a few pictures around the yard...

at our mailbox

We have azaleas around the side of our house. Aren't they perfect? I hate that they bloom for such a short time.

Yesterday was our big gardening day. We went to Country Gardens, which I highly recommend for anyone in our area. Lucy got to pet a goat, refused to pet a pony, and got really attached to two dogs while we were there. One of the dogs followed us to our car and I was afraid we were going to have to bring her home with us :) When we got home, we got right to work.

Lucy taking soil OUT of the pot, instead of putting it in

My two big helpers :)

Before and after pictures of our garden

My herbs I planted in a pot right outside the back door, so when I'm cooking I can just run out and snip some real quick. I just planted parsley and basil, since that's what I cook with most often.

Two tomato plants. I think we got a little ahead of ourselves with three last year so we just got two this year.

Two zucchini plants, with asparagus in between. You can see the asparagus shooting up already. It blooms pretty early. Zucchini is probably my favorite vegetable, and Lucy's too, so we got two plants this year. Last year I grew the zucchini from a seed, this year we bought plants, so we'll see if there is any difference.

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